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Repentance, Restoration and Redemption — 8 Comments

  1. Such an excellent and timely message! Starting with the first part of the message. My spine/back has been out of alignment this whole month causing much pain. During my recovery time, the Lord has been showing me some heart issues. He is so loving and faithful!

    • Dear Cee Cee, Thanks so much for your input. I put you on my intercessory prayer list and I am about to post another word about the heart issues that the Lord just gave me regarding my own heart yesterday. I am almost ready to publish my book on the heart. It gives me such joy when someone is ministered to because as an intercessor and prophetic voice, I can only give most of the time what I have walked. https:heartmattersblog.com
      Many prayers and much love to you,

  2. The SONG was beautiful. Loved the arrangement. Thank you for sharing this lovely song.
    Blessings to you both. Glory to our King!

    • Thank you Rod W so very glad to hear from you and appreciate your blessing to us. It is my greatest desire to be a blessing.
      Love and grace,

  3. This was hard to read as a person who has struggled for years with my relationship with my sister. I am resolved to obtain a final repentance for my part in the breach, with hopeful reconciliation. Thank you very much!

    • Dear Kathryn,
      Thanks so much for sharing your struggle. I pray now that because you are willing and obedient to repent for your part and ask the Lord to show you your heart as you release any unforgiveness and loose Calvary love to her, you will begin to see steps of reconcilation in your relationship. May the Lord himself touch each of you with Calvary love, grace and mercy as you embrace His heart to restore all!

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