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  1. The truth is Donald trump won the election by a landslide. He was in office the first time so those with eyes to see would know the difference between him and other politicians. They never planed on him being in office at all. God really does put one up and another down. Just saying the USA is a Christian nation does not make it so. But because men continue to do so requires some accountability. Before Donald Trump returns to office there will be some form of sovereign move or judgement on the church in America how she responds will have everything to do with where this country will be heading. Many of the doom and gloom prophecy’s could be contingent upon the response of those called Christians. I do believe from what I am seeing the one true God has you alls
    Attention. The stage is set for the day the earth stood still.

    • So well said, David Larsen as always. Loved your analysis of God’s David. I especially loved the finish line. “I do believe from what I am seeing he one true God has ou all Attention. THe stage is set for the day the earth stood still”. So good to see you David. Happy New Year. Sandi Holman

      • Thank you Sandra concerning Gods David first the natural then the spiritual. Donald Trump is not what many believe him to be sent by God no doubt not to be a David but so God could reveal one. Without which Donald will never be president again.
        Gods David will be to the church what Donald was to the government. I hope the church will not do to him what the politicians have done to trump. Everything hangs in the balance. Gods David is not named Donald just a hint. The time is short. Spend it wisely

  2. God has been confirming what the Prophets have been saying about 45’s Return, Gold, and a 1929 event. For instance the SF 49ers(for Gold) recently won in Arizona by a score of 45 – 29. As a Stock Market Investor, it is wisdom to have 10% of your portfolio in Gold anyways. Perhaps until after 45’s return, you may want to up that Gold some. Pray to God for specific Wisdom and Guidance because there are also a lot of prophecies about Wealth Transfer per Proverbs 13:22…

  3. Thank you for the encouraging word from God. I knew the Lord had NOT changed His mind since I heard Him say, ” He’s THE ONE “, when Trump announced his candidacy….just hoped it would have been sooner !  Blessings to you for your service to HIM.

  4. So what is it they say, dear Chris, “the 3rd time is the charm”. Bravo! I would be rich if I had money for all the times I have heard, don’t let go, He is my man, I have a plan and how could he stand against all the knock downs if HE was not in my hand???? Yes, Bring it on Donald, we need you!!!! Thanks Chris, that was so powerful!!!! Sandi

    • Over similar time period in 2022 the Lord gave me 2 DJT dreams…first he bowed to Jesus, crying he tried to save America…I knew we pray his surrender to Christ…the second dream:Biden is about to do something catastrophic to USA I luxury white car drives up and looks like it’s been thru a war.  DJT gets out and stops Biden. End of dream.

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