The Unction


I realize that I do not have the capacity nor the knowledge to approach this subject.  It seems that the topic in this post, was to be about the anointing of the Holy Ghost.  But in this time, when you start talking about what the true anointing really is, you either get arguments or people tune you out.

Several years back here [Facebook], if you spoke about this, many responded angrily and tossed that verse that says “touch not mine anointed, do my prophet no harm.”  It was like, “How dare you say such a thing?”

It’s only been over the past few years, that more and more folk have finally begun to open their eyes.  What we see, watch and here now, has often become so absurd, you just cannot deny it.

Because men and women could rouse the crowd by their loud style of preaching and forceful words, it was called anointed.  I heard someone back when that had been to a church conference where the best named singers, the most dynamic had sung.  Someone had said, that this singer “tore it down.”  Off the charts.  Such anointing, it was said. They were good; but to whom?

I try to be careful about quoting things other people have said; if I can’t give them credit for it.  But this comment speaks to the issue at hand.  “Another talented vessel, without oil.”  Admonishing folk to discern things in the Spirit, hasn’t moved them a whole lot.  It is not all about what you feel; although you certainly can feel it and there is no other feeling like it.

Nothing, compares to it.  There is no doubt, that if you have never felt that genuine anointing, you have no real idea of what it is.  Perhaps we might consider not talking about how anointed we think something is, but rather speak about, how much Holy Ghost is in it. How much of it is, a real good show.

There is an exchange that takes place between our spirit and the Holy Ghost.  The truth is, those who have never even known the Lord as we say we have, can feel it also.  It moves over them and inside them, the way nothing ever has before.  How would you describe it.  I don’t have the words to even express what that true interaction is that happens between us and the Holy Spirit of God.  What I do know, is that too many times,  I don’t feel that when some folk preach or sing.  There is so much farce and fake going on in our time.  Oh, we always had it, but never on such a scale.

It would sound offensive to many, to note that we can sing about Jesus, and not know Him.  You cannot fake the real anointing of the Holy Ghost; there is no copy or similarity; no comparison.  Some people seem to have been born with an anointing upon them.  That will ouch some folk; especially if it is not them.  You can rest assured, that these who do have it, suffer greatly at the hands of other people; including their own families.  Perhaps we are now wondering, just why this topic is so vital at this point and time.

A certain time is here.  It seems that it won’t be long, before the spirits of darkness will begin to perform wonders and miracles.  The sad thing is, that many are going to follow after them and they are going to be deceived; it is written so.  Endless numbers of people have been lured into following and believing certain men, and also certain women.  They are no longer even aware that what they are following, is not of the Spirit; therefore, it cannot be anointed.

I heard it again today; it can only be discerned by the Spirit.  When people are not truly following after the Spirit or seeking to allow Him to operate at all times, the anointing has no true freedom.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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