End-Time Prophecy to America

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10 Years of Judgment in The United States of America, ending in 2020,

NOAH’S ARK and the Building of Arks of Safety Prophecy.

I am Prophet Ken Dewey and I have a very important message for you today about things that the Lord is talking to me as a Prophet about the Church in America and around the Word and especially to the church in America.  

Because of the circumstances going on right now in this country, because of those circumstances, we know that these are very dangerous times, very difficult times.  Of course it is difficult all over the World but there are places in the World that are enjoying more freedom than we are right here in America.  Then there are other places that are going through great strife and turmoil and perilous times.  We are living in the end times and the Lord is talking to me about the Church in the end times and what he is doing, what his plans are, what his purposes are.  We hear a lot of people talking about how the time is up and it is over and all things are finished and we can expect Jesus at any moment.

I have been raised to believe and preach that Jesus could come at any moment; expecting him to come at any moment.  If he came today it wouldn’t make me mad, I’d be glad.  Not sad.  Because everything would be better, we’d be better off if he came today.  But from what I am hearing we still have a ways to go, because of the things he is telling me, that we are facing.

The Lord is telling me some very important things that I must share with you.  I want to tell you what He said about the Church; about his people in America.  It’s very difficult in this country right now it’s getting more and more difficult.

I can remember in my lifetime, (I’ll be 73 in February) and I have been preaching all my life, but I can remember when times were much better than they are now.  I can still remember when folks went to church and church was a place to go and a place to be on Sunday morning, Sunday night, and Wednesday.  It was a home.  I grew up in church.  It was a time when preachers were celebrated when the Bible was read and Christians were looked upon with great respect.

But not today, the bible says in the last days perilous times should come.  Men would be lovers of themselves, deceitful, boastful and proud.  The Bible gives a whole list of things; loving themselves more than anything else; Loving riches; loving the world.  I don’t think that passage of scripture is talking to the lost world; I think he is talking to the church; because the Church in the last days is going to be characterized in a not so very beautiful fashion.

If you read in the book of Revelation about the different churches that are mentioned in chapter 2 and 3, we read the message of the church of Laodicea and they were neither hot nor cold.  They were lukewarm.  They were poor blind and miserable and didn’t even know it.  They did not know what their problems were.  They thought everything was OK, but they couldn’t see clearly.  They were not seeing things like they should be, in perspective for what God wants his Church to know his people to do; How to live.  They were not seeing, they were not living right.

He said you need to put on white robes.  He said to the church they need to get clothing to cover up their nakedness.  He talked about their finances, he said you need to try your gold in the fire and learn how to respect finances.

But you see that church is characteristic of the last day church.  It’s an immoral church, very worldly, not hot or cold but had a form that they held, to but it was without Christ.  A form without the Power of God, you might say.  You know they learned to have church without God.  They learned how to have services without the Holy Spirit.  They had their programs and they had their songs that they sang, their entertainment and that’s what a lot in church are all about. ENTERTAINMENT!  It’s not about Jesus, not about living a holy and godly life, and living according to this old book. [Living your life pleasing to God], but it’s about other things.

I look at church today and it looks like a nightclub to me. I’m sorry to say that I’ve been in nightclubs; I went down a hard road some years ago and did some things I should not do. I’ve been in nightclubs, I’ve been in dance halls. I have seen what the world is doing out there, and there are a lot of things happening in the church that don’t look too much different than what you see in the nightclubs.  You go in the nightclub and it’s dark.  They turn off the lights.  You know devil likes the darkness

! You know: you go to a nightclub, and if you’re married, you don’t want to be seen.  You like it dark, you want to hide.  Then they turn on just enough light to get to the dance floor, and all the things that go on, on the dance floor.  People socializing with one another, being entertained with music, dancing; it’s not a whole lot different in churches today.  They just have different words and different songs, but in many ways the songs sound like what the world is playing.  So, these last days that we are living (I don’t know how it is in all other countries), but in America, perilous times are here.

The churches are in trouble.  I hear the Lord talking to me about it.

I just want to talk briefly today and go back and summarize what God has been saying to me (in the past years).  In the middle of the year in 2009 the Lord told me some words; He said that he had numbered ten years upon America beginning with January 2010.

He said that during this time starting January 2010, that the church was going to be dealt with different than they are now.  He said: The Administration would change. I have changed my administration to deal with America. I know that he meant he was dealing with the Church (not America), I’ll tell you right now.

Everybody is worried about Obama, you better be worried about the church!  You see, it’s not about Obama,  it’s not about America.  You know people are talking about taking America back we need to take the Church back!  We need to take God back…  we need to come back to God!  We need to turn back to the Word of God.  We need to turn back to the First Love.

We hope that things will turn out good in America, but frankly it doesn’t look like it is going to at this time.  People have lost faith in the government of America and there is so much corruption coming out down there that If they elect Trump or Cruz or any of the rest of them, do you think that they could change the situation?  Or do you think they will?  IT’S NOT ABOUT AMERICA IT IS ABOUT TAKING BACK WHAT THE DEVIL HAS STOLEN FROM THE CHURCH.

The devil has done havoc in the church.  The church of the living God, and I’m talking about the Body of Christ.  The Body [those people who are born again]; they are the children of God!  That’s what this is about.  The Lord is talking to me about these things.

The Lord said that in 2010 he would start ten years dealing with America.  He has numbered ten years with America.  At the time he told me and he begin to talk to me about the number 10.  He referenced the number 10 in my life, you have to know I was thirty years in the ministry [3X10] then I left the ministry for 10 years and wandering in the desert, and after that I had a God Encounter in 1999, it had been another 10 years since the encounter, since I came back and I was preaching.

The Lord was dealing with me in 10 year periods. He began to talk to me about 10, a time of trial and testing.  He had numbered 10 years upon America. I said Lord what are you talking about?  What are you going to do after 10 years?  You see it started January 1st, 2010 and it goes to January 1, 2020.  He gave me the illustration of Moses delivering the people out of Egypt, and said: I’M GOING DELIVER MY PEOPLE OUT OF BONDAGE IN AMERICA.

He said I will take 10 years to do it. I said to him: Ten Years or Ten Plagues?  I kinda got confused thinking about the 10 years or 10 plagues?  He said YES, TEN YEARS, BUT HE ALSO SAID THERE WILL BE 10 PLAGUES.  I ask him: Just like they had in Egypt?  NO, HE SAID.  There not the same plagues, but they are going to be 10 things.

I was on a different place on the internet at the time, but not Facebook.  I wasn’t making programs like this, but I belonged to a Christian Forum.  It was called All Things New. The Lord was telling me to post the Words on that Forum because they had a prophetic page. You gotta know, I caught all kinds of Flack!  And Difficulties!  [Because I posted that].

They said: WE DON’T HAVE THAT MUCH TIME!  WE DON’T HAVE 10 YEARS IN AMERICA.  NO. Most of them were talking about ONE MORE YEAR.  In one year, they said, it’s going to be all over with and Jesus is coming back!  Tribulation is going to start and it’s going to be bad; we don’t have 10 years.

That was in 2010. Now, we are in the beginning of 2016.  I wanted to start today because today is the 10 day of January . There is just something about numbers that have attracted my attention.  We are going into the 6th year of the 10 year prophecy God gave to me, when he said I have numbered 10 years upon America.

I asked, Lord: TO DO WHAT?  Frankly, [I must talk personally because I have been personally involved with this prophecy], many of the prophecies given were for me [but also HE SAID it is his Prophesy for his Church in America].  Shortly after I heard that word, I went on [the Lord put me on] Television.

To my surprise, I never thought I would be on television.  As a matter of fact, I did not have the money to go on television, that is for sure!  You gotta know it was a lot of faith to go on television.  I only had one program a week costing like 11 to 12 hundred dollars per month, but that was hard for me.  He told me: I WANT YOU TO GET ON TELEVISION AND GO TALK TO THE PHARAOH. TELL THE PHARAOH TO LET MY PEOPLE GO!

That was all it was about.  I am a stone sculptor and was doing stone sculptures [at times when I wasn’t preaching] and I still make a few when I have time. [I don’t have much time anymore to make them].  I was making this sculpture of this woman with her hands lifted up, looking up into heaven.  I was doing her [demonstrating] on the television screen, and as I was working on this woman, I preached: THE LORD IS WORKING ON HIS BRIDE. He is going to bring his Bride out of bondage… t hey are in bondage in Egypt, in America. PHARAOH “LET THEM GO!”  That was my message for 17 months on television.  Then the Creek dried up and the Lord said you will do something else now for a while.

I got to reading about old Moses and how he went down to the Pharaoh the first time and the Pharaoh reacted so that Moses thought he had failed and everybody [all the Children of God in Egypt] thought Moses was a total failure and disaster and they turned away from Moses, and he went through a really hard time. [Because the Pharaoh had increased the labor upon the people and they blamed Moses for that…].

You gotta know I went through some hard times just because I went down there and said on television: LET THE PEOPLE GO.  I had people laugh at me and everything else saying, who do you think you are?  Well, I said, I’m sure not Moses!  But, the Lord told me, I was going to be His Moses, and I was supposed to tell the Pharaoh to let the people go. Well, let me ask you, WHO IS THE PHARAOH?  The Lord told me who he was: HE IS RELIGION!  That IS who he is!  Religion is what binds people in America and not just religion, but our Society.  We have a very good representative of the Pharaoh in America, his name is OBAMA.  

Matter of Fact, I saw a picture of Obama dressed up like the Pharaoh the other day and he would have made a good Pharaoh!  O…BAM…MA …!!! with his head dress and all…!! [I don’t want to become ugly] but he looks like a Pharaoh!

And the Lord said to me, I want you to go back the second time. The first time Moses went, he didn’t throw the rod down.  I don’t know why he didn’t throw the rod down?  But the Lord told him to go back the second time and tell the Pharaoh to let his people go.  Ha ha ah Moses said: IT ISN’T GOING TO DO ANY GOOD! THEY DON’T BELIEVE IN ME, HE DOESN’T BELIEVE THAT I AM WHO I SAY I AM, AND THAT YOU’RE GOD; PHARAOH WILL NOT LISTEN. AND YOUR PEOPLE DON’T BELIEVE ON ME NOW. SO WHAT GOOD IS IT GOING TO BE TO GO?

Well, this is where I have been hanging out for the last years..  Last year the Lord said to me: YOU WILL KNOW WHEN TO GO THE SECOND TIME.  And I did when he told me to go to Washington, DC.  That was one of the longest trip that Celeste and I have taken, and he said to us: I want you to drive and look at the country all across America, because, I AM going to lead you to people in America. He told me to go to Washington and do two things: 1. Prophesy at the Capitol building,  2. I want you to prophesy at the White House.

And Celeste and I did both.  Out in front of the Capitol building he told me to preach a message and take a little pottery jar and break it with a hammer [smash it] and tell the people and prophesy that if America didn’t quit killing babies he would smash the country.  Smash them like a pottery vessel!  I did that. I also went to the White House and prophesied at the White House, THE DOOM OF THE PRESIDENT.

On the way back from Washington, DC, he said: I am going to show you some people on the way home and we stopped off [because we were on Facebook talking about these events] and were invited to speak in a church in Conway, Arkansas.  You gotta know it was not without importance because the Lord told us some things he was doing, matter of fact, I preached in Conway at that church and came back to New Mexico and I no more got here when the Lord told me: Now I want you to go back and preach again.

He then gave me a whole message [well that is another story to tell later].  But, One of the things I did on that trip was to take a staff that Celeste’s mother had given me some years ago.  I adopted it to be my Moses Staff or Rod.  I took this rod and threw it on the floor, in the church, in Arkansas!  The Lord told me I had to do that.  There were some things that happened in that place, in that Church in Arkansas, I can’t say it all, but he told me I must have weekly Prophets Chamber to talk about the things he is doing in America.

This is not just about me, but about the Church in America.  About being set free; about coming to the place where they can walk out of Egypt, and walk out into the desert with God.  TO BE FREE!  Won’t it be wonderful when the church is FREE!  You say, Preacher, I thought the church was free?  If you think the church is free in America, your smoking some bad weed or you’re listening to some religious spirit too long.  The church is NOT FREE IN AMERICA.  We have so many problems in the church, it is in bondage!  People in Bondage, I hear God crying for his people that are in bondage. (This is just a summary, in the next session I will elaborate more fully).

A few days ago he gave me another passage from the Scripture. I got up one morning and came in here and began to pray and he told me about 2016.  He said 2016 would be a year to build.  Ha ha ha… but…many people say: 2016 will be a year to destroy!


He said he would take the money they have stolen from me, and give it to my People.

He begin to talk about building.  He told me now (I want you to get a hold of this) KEN DEWEY YOU HAVE THREE YEARS TO BUILD.  That is 2016, 2017 and 2018.  Already there is people screaming: WE DON’T HAVE THAT LONG KEN DEWEY.

All I know is that the Lord told me I am supposed to build.  Then he said: AFTER THAT YOUR GOING TO BE BACK ON TELEVISION PREACHING AGAIN. (you see they are still in bondage and the ten plagues are still going on)  Things will not be complete until the 10 years are over with.  After the ten plagues in Egypt they did go out of Egypt and spoiled them taking their wealth and so forth…  WE ARE COMING OUT OF EGYPT RIGHT NOW…  THE CHURCH IS COMING OUT OF EGYPT.  WE ARE COMING OUT OF BONDAGE.


He told me: Three years of building then two years of revivals. [there is going to be great revivals beginning to take place, matter of fact they are already taking place in many places] it’s not all bad folks, there are some good things happening in America.  Especially around the World as we hear about revivals taking place.  I was listening to a revival the other day that went on in Florida for years.  We have heard about revivals here and there and he said it was going to be like that, BUT HE SAID: WHEN IT COMES DOWN TO 2020 THERE WILL BE A REVIVAL LIKE ITS NEVER BEEN EXPERIENCED BEFORE IN THE HISTORY OF THIS NATION.  It will last for a while [He didn’t tell me how long] then after that, I believe the end will come.

God is preparing us for something.  Brother Ken, Do you think America is going to turn Christian?  NO I don’t.  That’s not what I heard him say. But he did say he was going to go out LIKE A MIGHTY FARMER AND HE IS GOING TO PLOW SIN UNDER THE GROUND IN AMERICA.

He said I will do it like a mighty farmer.  Ha ha ha…. In one prophetic word he told me: I AM GOING TO BRING DOWN THE GOVERNMENT.

I had another word of HORRIFIC EVENTS COMING TO AMERICA, I posted the word in February 2013 and it was such an horrific word and when he told me about it: I SAW BUILDINGS FALLING DOWN, THE WHITE HOUSE FALLING IN, AND I SAW [IN MY MIND WASHINGTON, DC FALLING DOWN!]

He said the Leaders were going to fall down.  That was in 2013.  They were going to fall down so far that emergency sessions would have to be drawn up about what to do in America.  No folks, you’re looking [reading] at me, this was 2013: What is going on right Now?

As far as I am concerned, the government is falling down!  Matter of Fact, just watch the news, if you have enough patience, [who likes to watch the news anymore with all the bad stuff happening], and all the crap and corruption that is going on in our government.


If the people of God were doing what they were supposed to be doing and living their lives in the power and victory and authority of Jesus Christ, this country would not be where it is today.  I believe that.  You might say: It’s chastisement. Its problems that many have caused in this country, because many have not lived for God. AMEN.  But, He said: I AM GOING TO MAKE THE CIRCUMSTANCES SO DIFFICULT AND SO HARD THAT I WILL ELIMINATE THE PEOPLE WHO WILL NOT LIVE FOR ME.  I remember that.  He will separate the men from the boys.  THE TRUE CHURCH IS GOING TO RISE UP!

When I talk about church, I must say, I am not talking about ALL those “Churches”.  No, I am not talking about the Catholic, and I am not talking about the Protestants who are still half Catholic. [I thank God for Martin Luther who nailed the thesis to the Catholic Church door.  I thank God for the Reformation that brought about (understanding of) the doctrine of Grace.  But I am telling you the church didn’t come out of Catholicism ALL THE WAY.]  We HAVE A MESS!

Baptizing Babies:  You don’t have to be a Catholic to baptize babies!  Just go to the Methodist Church, or the Lutheran.  Martin Luther came out of the Catholic Church and kept on baptizing babies!  So what is so wrong about baptizing babies (someone said) ….. JESUS SAID A MAN MUST BE BORN AGAIN. BABIES CANNOT BE BORN AGAIN AND BAPTISM DOES NOT SAVE ANYBODY!

We have Religion!  We have it up to the eyes and so deep we can hardly keep our head above the water in America because WE HAVE SO MUCH STINKING RELIGION IN AMERICA THAT PEOPLE CANNOT SEE THE TRUE CHURCH!  I will just tell you right now: All these people who SAY they are Christians will bite the dust in a few days!

Because you can’t go where we are going and be one of those….  The Lord told me that the only people who would survive would be the HOLY, SPIRIT FILLED BELIEVERS.  When I say Holy, I say: HOLY AND SEPARATED FROM THE WORLD.

We are going to talk about all this stuff, but this is the first time I speak from the Prophets Chamber.  I haven’t told you a whole lot that you don’t already know, except some of you didn’t know WE STILL HAVE SOME TIME TO DO SOMETHING.

That brings me down to the final thing and I am not going to be able to talk much about it…. But the Lord gave me another word the other day and said: THIS TIME OF GREAT RELEASE TO BUILD WOULD BE LIKE THE DAY OF NOAH.

Yeah, we have had old Moses for a long time, but now we have NOAH.  I was telling someone the other day NOW WE HAVE MOSES ~ NOAH! In Matthew 24 It says: As in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the last days, for up until they entered the Ark and the rains came in destruction, they were eating and drinking and being given in marriage, and so forth, and then destruction came.  So will it be in the End Times.  In another book it says as it was in the days of Sodom, it rained fire and brimstone. So it’s like Noah / Sodom.

So what was going on in the days of Noah?  There was one thing that was going on that was really disgusting, and that was when Angels came down and cohabited with women.

That is right; Heavenly Angels!  And you say, Brother Ken: Is that going on today?  Well, I have heard all kinds of stories about things….  you cannot even get on the internet without hearing all about UFO’s and Aliens and all …those.  Some people say our technology came from UFO’s because that’s already been discovered.  Our Government is not telling us about it, I don’t know, but, the bible says in the last days: KNOWLEDGE WILL INCREASE.

I think its because of the introduction of angels.  FALLEN ANGELS Man is not smart enough to figure all that out! Ha ha ah but they had some help!  As it was in the days of Noah when the angels came down and took the daughters of men and Nepthelium was born.  In other words, that intelligence begin right there.  A great Leap, because of what the Angels knew.  The bible says the same thing would happen in the end times.

The Lord began to talk about the fact they were given in marriage up until the day destruction came.  WELL WHATS AMERICA DOING RIGHT NOW? n The biggest thing in America right now is the CORRUPT MARRIAGE.

When you compare the two, fallen Angels and Homosexuals,  it might be along the same line… from the devil! In America it is the law now (and someone might get mad at me for saying this) but I sorry… THE BIBLE SAYS IT IS SIN.  Homosexuality is sin and an abomination…  ABOMINATION UNTO GOD!     SORRY… I’M A BIBLE PREACHER!

But, If the Lord said was an abomination what are we supposed to be thinking about it. In (many churches) it is OK.  Matter of Fact, the church in America is taking them right on in… And marrying them (and so forth) even ordaining them, and calling them Christians.

Now we need to get a hold of this: GOD IS GOING TO MAKE THE SEPARATION.  He says as it was in the days of Noah.  The Lord told me this: I AM GOING TO BUILD ARKS.  He said, Noah built an ark to save his family and all the animals, and they came in two by two and some seven of the clean animals they came into the ark.  He begin to talk about how he build it 450 foot long, 75 foot wide and three stories high.  It had one window at the top, and a door in the side, and when it is opened the animals and people could go on ramps into the three floors.  Then God SHUT THEM UP IN THE ARK.

God told me he would build his Ark, but he told me he would need more than one! I said: Lord do you want me to build an Ark?  He said Yes, (I am not talking about a boat) HE SAID AN ARK OF SAFETY.  Then he said: My People are many in the World today; there will have to be more than one…  I CAN’T SEND EVERYONE (that is a Christian) TO NEW MEXICO TO GET INTO THE ARK!  There’s too many. HE SAID: THERE IS GOING TO HAVE TO BE ARK’S ALL OVER THIS COUNTRY!

That is what God told me when he said I am building my Ark.  He said then: I HAVE MY NOAH’S AND MY BUILDERS AND HE SAID I AM BUILDING. MY…. “ARK”. A PLACE OF SAFETY.

I can’t go, now, into all the ramifications of this now but HE TOLD ME MORE:  THE LORD TOLD ME THAT I WAS GOING TO BUILD A CITY IN THE DESERT.  Right here in New Mexico.  He has already given me 20 acres of land.  Ha ha ha I have another 2 acres in Rio Rancho.  I have never been able to own land in my life but suddenly I get land, and land. You must know IT IS NOT IN TOWN……. It is IN THE DESERT.  And, Like Noah and his sons built and Ark and everybody went out to see it, outside the city.  They said to Noah: WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO WITH THIS?  In this word he said: NOAH BUILT A MONSTROSITY!  HA HA HA…  Everybody said A MONSTROSITY FOR SURE BECAUSE IT WILL NEVER FLOAT! ***** BUT SURE ENOUGH, IT DID.

Then the Lord told me:  IT WAS A REAL ARK MADE OF REAL GOPHER WOOD AND PITCH (tar in the cracks).  He built it for 120 years, and he condemned the World.  He was a preacher of righteousness.  AMEN?  Now I am talking to you about what the Lord told me….  He said, the first time I destroyed I destroyed with water. (the water in the Earth), but I promised I wouldn’t do that again.  So the next time what will it be?  FIRE. NOT WATER…. IT’S FIRE…

There is nothing like a good thick earthen wall to protect you from the fire.  Now you can build a lot of things from what I am saying here, but what the Lord is telling me is:
THERE IS COMING A TIME OF FIRE IN AMERICA AND THE WORLD, AND THE FIRE IS GOING TO BURN UP THE WICKED!  All those professing “church” people, the people that laughed at the Ark builders…  THEY ALL PERISH. AND PERISH IN THE FIRE. There is going to be a LOT of People DIE.  A lot of hard things to happen, right here…. Well you say: I don’t like doom preachers… well you wouldn’t have liked Noah for sure, and not Jeremiah, and for sure Elijah, or Isaiah.

They told it like it was. If YOU think you can LIVE ANY WAY YOU WANT TO AS A CHRISTIAN,  You are smoking some BAD Weed!.

God did not save men to live like that! Amen.  I am not saying you’re going to lose your salvation, BUT YOU SURE ENOUGH COULD LOOSE YOUR LIFE! IF YOU KEEP LIVING THE WAY YOU ARE.  The Church is fooling around with the World, LOOK like the World, ACT like the WORLD…  BROUGHT THE WORLD INTO THE CHURCH….


So you see, Things are fixing to happen, you have to know, I have heard Prophetic upon Prophetic words about coming judgments.  About horrific events and about the earth shaking earthquakes, I have heard about tsunamis, about fire falling, about all kinds of things like plagues hitting the earth.  They all talk about JUDGMENT, ITS COMING! JUDGMENT IS COMING!

Let us pray together.

Father God I pray right now that you will use this prophetic word to speak to somebody in America and the World, about the way they are living.

I pray you would speak to your Church and Lord you said you would send revival, but revival comes with conviction of sin, revival comes when men know they must change, revival comes when men repent.  Revival comes when men see their situation as it is.

I pray Father God that you would speak to your Church in America.

I pray you would separate the false doctrines from the true things of the Word of God.  Bring up the Christians who hold to the Word of God, bring up the Church that will preach the Word of God, and the Power of God. Bring up the Church that will walk in holiness and be concerned about how they look and act and talk, in everyday life and in the Church.

Holiness and Righteousness, even as Noah was a preacher of Righteousness, bring up righteous preachers in America and the World, like Noah, many Noah’s to build Arks of Safety for the People of God. And the coming day of Judgment in this country.

Word from the Lord in … Tongues……… with Interpretation… by Ken Dewey

“Thus saith The Lord.  And when My people which are called by My name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face, I will heal their land, I will forgive their sins and trespasses.

I AM sending forth laborers into the nation to build safe places, for My people.

Because the days are going to be hard and harsh, and they need the ark of safety to get into.

I AM doing a great work.  Watch me as I pull them out of the fire and put them right again in America.  And look not to the government but look unto Me, lift up your eyes unto the hills, form which comes your help.

For I AM  The Lord.  I AM, The Lord – your God.  I will pardon and abundantly bless, and those who labor I will bless them in the days to come.”


The Lord told me, I have never been rich, but always a poor boy growing up on a farm.  We were not destitute but never had lots of money.

But the Lord told me the other day He was going to pass Millions of Dollars through my hands, and I believe him.

I am not asking you for anything, but GOD SAID HE WOULD DO IT.  AND… I BELIEVE HIM.

He said many millions of dollars through my hands to do the work that that needs to be done in this country and World.  YOU CAN CALL IT QUITS IF YOU WANT TO, BUT I AM NOT HEARING IT IS TIME TO QUIT.



~ Desert Prophet Ken Dewey
The light will shine in His glory… In the desert.

Ken DeweyEvangelist/ Prophet/ Pastor Ken Dewey is the founder ofOUT OF THE DESERT MINISTRIES in Belen, New Mexico, USA.  He writes on this Web Site, many Prophetic words,  Sermons and teachings while leading people into true church settings and preaching in an End Time Gospel Tent Ministry.
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End-Time Prophecy to America — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you Ken for your obedience to the Lord,
    and greetings, in Christ, from northern Europe.

    Last year I had a short vision where I stood at a mountain looking down into a valley where thousands of people, lead by Jesus, marched, singing and shouting.
    At first I did not recognized what I saw until my eyes where turned to the end of the crowd and an angel suddenly appeared and started to walk behind it.
    Then I understood that the Lord showed me that His (true, obedient, spirit filled) people are right now on their way out of Egypt, out of this world system, out of this dispensation for to enter into the divine protection in His Kingdom.
    “And the angel of God, which went before the camp of Israel, removed and went behind them, and it came between the camp of the Egyptians and the camp of Israel… so that the one came not near the other all the night,” Exodus 14:19-20.

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