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  1. Who can God use .. in his Service? I know a guy who at 23 .. it took 2,3,4,5 cops to arrest him. He worked construction and stood 6′ 4″ 240 no fat. They finally just shot him. Drunk every weekend.

    Laying in bed he said “I can’t go on like this” and put himself into the Marines and they made a heavy equipment operator out of him and “as he graduated” he was given a D-8 Cat and was flying multiple missions over enemy lines delivering food, water and ammo to GSP points. Going into Baghdad. By the time he got to Baghdad he was a Sargent.

    At the Sargent Mess one guy said, “I just learned 90% of our deaths are caused by Humvee drivers first time under fire. Our Sargent said, “I can fix that”. Sure Phil. Sure Phil and his eyes started dancing.

    He got on his D-8 and made kindergarten, High School and Kill You if you Try moguls. All new drivers before being sent out had to pass his test.

    One month later in the Mess Hall .. Phil, Humvee deaths have dropped 90%.

    What this world would say couldn’t happen, did .. and to top it off Phil was a preacher’s son. Prodigal Son part 2 .. he is married to a beautiful woman and has two beautiful daughters.

    Lt. b

  2. Hi Dana,
    As a man I have a problem with being Married to Christ .. can you explain to me how this “plays out Spiritually” for men and women?

    My favorite class in Geology was Stratigraphy .. trying to date and understand the layer of whatever I was standing in ..

    Let’s concentrate on gravel in one place, limestone in another and twenty miles away did the foraminifera match .. the little critters that were in my area of all sedimentary rocks.

    Now, shift gears. You are walking into a restaurant wild with activity and groups of people and singles and couples. Your job as a witnessing Christian is to make sense of all this, and get your facts straight. Work the crowd!

    To make it more interesting I live in one of the fastest growing rural areas of the US. People are abandoning the cities and going country. Are they L.A., Seattle, Texas, NYC or WHAT ever?

    And, why on earth did God put me in this “strati-graphic environment?

    I start with the “Baruch She Amar” prayer of Abraham in Hebrew .. Blessed is he who spoke and came into being from nothing the Cosmos or Universe.

    Then I always include a “lead guide and direct in English” segment .. I also like to drop in Psa One “Blessed is he who stands not in the congregation of the Wicked in Hebrew and then in English”

    What do you do? Good hunting

    Lt. b

  3. Psa 125:3 For the rod of the wicked shall not rest upon the righteous .. least the righteous put forth their hands .. into iniquity. Fear is a tool of Satan.

    Posted an error .. Isa reads Holy, Holy, Holy the whole earth is full of His Glory, I start a fire at midnight and go out side and there it is .. the magic string of Yahovah’s Glory the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades Subaru in Japanese, Arcturus in Bootes, Orion Arabic the little House of the Twins, O Siris, Procyon marker for the flooding of the Nile in the Fall, Pollux and Castor. I learned these stars in the Sierra Del Carmine Mnts of Old Mexico on a Biology field trip 1959 and we were camped among the Mescalero Apache driven out of the US by US Cavalry .. the Buffalo Soldiers of Fort Davis, Texas. I was at Sul Ross University, Alpine, Texas.

    Lt b

  4. Oh, how I love Isaiah .. and the Angels called one to another .. Glory, Glory, Glory .. the whole earth is full of his glory

    Nine out of ten people all over the world do not read our Bible and do not take a random verse such as this and pray it over their food.

    In fact, we live in a time when God’s Glory is under attack and being destroyed, and few “Kick up a Fuss”. They take the shot and change their AT DNA into mRNA which can’t talk to each of our two trillion cells and keep them in line, Chem Trails are nothing to be concerned about, artificial high pressure zones have knocked the incoming rain from falling over Seattle and the Rain Forrest is tender dry with all of it’s moisture going to other zip codes.

    Thanks Dana for sharing your insight .. Lt. b
    Lt. b

  5. I read most of Psa 119 this morning and wrote down some verses. I read just the letters of my last name .. It was quite interesting. David said he prayed seven times a day. With out a clock, when did he do this? Morning, Noon and Night .. before each meal .. perhaps, but what is the seventh?

    If you are unfamiliar with Hebrew, there are subtitles in Psa 119, one for each letter and it starts with Aleph and ends with Tov .. King James left the hall mark of God (AT) out of our Bible over 10,000 times. And Strong’s says that AT just means “the” or is undecipherable.

    For additional information on this subject read Isa. 6:13 where God kills his Holy Tenth .. not there .. and keep praying “lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil” .. again not there in HOT or HNT as applicable. Did you blink the first time you heard “woman what do I have to do with thee?” At seven, I knew my Mom would have knocked me into the nearest corner. What Jesus said in Hebrew was more or less .. Mom if I fill these clay jars with wine/spirit .. it will start my ministry and end with you taking my dead body off a cross .. I will not do this unless I know you are in agreement .. and Mary turned to the servants and said, whatever he tells you to do, do it

  6. When the Tsadak leave this world .. Evil x 300,000

    One of the first words from Strong’s in e-sword that I learned was Tsadak.. God’s Holy Tenth .. today we are here on earth but when we leave .. the righteous shall not be ruled by evil .. all hell is going to break loose.. that .. is how powerful the prayers of the righteous have always been

    It is very close

    Lt. b

  7. If Churchill had know how to pray .. he wouldn’t have had to buy all that paint!

    We are not all that different .. better off .. than he .. games people play (I have had the pleasure of talking to a delightful lady and said games people play and she looked at me in astonishment and said .. my son wrote that book)

    Are you a victim of your times and places .. or did your times and places make you the person you are today .. the Fathers plan for your life.

    Lt. b

  8. When will God come .. when this world is so toxic that the majority of the tenth are no longer safe.

    What is our job in the end times? Why are we here? To pray. The prayers of the righteous are powerful. Pray for the safety of all children, elderly and weak. Pray for clear headedness for those in immediate peril – lead, guide and direct. Pray for leadership and those who are seeking. As you sleep .. there are things going on all over the world every night .. people become endangered .. be ready for a wake up call to pray. We are all different in our experiences .. If we have climbed mountains we will be called on for mnt. climbers etc. Been there done that, a man hanging by his right hand for a week in Utah. I answered that call!

    What do we say .. my standard beginning .. your should be your own .. Lord I pray for whom I know not .. and listen and pray what comes to your mind .. for a friend in desperate need. In winter, cover up so you don’t get cold, you may “be there a while”. God bless all of you. Learn Biblical Hebrew I use e-sword free download but pay him. I pray in Hebrew, this is how I learned Hebrew. It is different from praying in your native fallen tongue. God knows the hours you have spent. I’m usually up several nights per week at 2:00 a.m. That’s my “thing” yours will be different.

    Lt. b

  9. I have been deciphering God’s word in HOT and HNT for years .. just got this in Phm 1:3 .. Paul’s word picture of the cross and his salutation .. Favor Bread Peace and left out of King James but still in HNT.

    Bread here is talking about the last supper .. take eat this is my body .. center of His Cross .. right and left hands holding Peace and Salvation (favor Chesed)

    I about fell out of my chair on this one, thought I had seen enough cowboy rides to ride anything .. no, this one got me.

    Lt. b

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