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Trump: “I Have Put America Under State Control!” — 14 Comments

  1. I feel that God revealed to you the image that the left and deep state is trying to portray of Trump.  You said you thought you were watching the “West Wing” on television.  That’s exactly what we’ve been watching on mainstream media here in America in regards to Trump ever since he came on the scene.  They have portrayed him as a clown, a racist, a liar, etc.  They report part truths.  I have fact checked numerous things he supposedly said and it always turned out HE DIDEN’T SAY THAT.  Joe Biden called him Clown, a racist and a liar in the debate the other night.  He is not deep state, that’s why they hate him.  I reject that image of President Trump in the name of Jesus.  According to the Bible life and death is in the power of the tongue, therefore, I say President Trump will grow stronger in the Lord and the power of his might and will give all the glory to God.  And we in America will humble ourselves and pray and turn from our wicked ways and God will hear from Heaven and heal our land.  All to the glory of the Lord of Lords and King of Kings, Jesus!  God bless you brother.  You continue in the Lord.

  2. Idk how much is true about Trump giving over to this deep state but I do believe this is true as far as something like a deep state control going on in the USA and In this world… The is a sore looser and he is defeated and is losing more than ever now and is very upset causing distractions and war everywhere… this is a new season a season of the mouth speak those things that are not as though they are and watch the impossible become the possible… God is alive and he specializes in the impossible, never lost a battle and still on the throne…

  3. I don’t agree with your interpretation of your own dream! Why would GOD lie! GOD is Very Trust Worthy! Not a man! Trump will Win as GOD Wills to give us back American! GOD Bless you! The Church/ Bride of Christ Arises and will do Her Job! Jesus have Mercy on us all. ‍♀️‍♀️

    • With respect sister, we need to take what the Spirit reveals very seriously. You may disagree with the interpretation, and if so, that is your right. But we need to be careful to not so easily dismiss what God may be revealing. Prayerfully seek Him and see what He would reveal to you. Remember that we must discerningly distinguish between a man and God’s will (every man can stumble and sometimes fail in what God wants them to do etc.). Yes God may have been using Trump for a good while, but now the dream seems to indicate that Trump is giving power over to the Deep State. Likely not voluntarily (likely under pressure/some type of duress). But this doesn’t mean things can’t change. Pray that God would help Trump stand firm and not give in to the Deep State. Pray that Trump would reject the power that is trying (or has already) to get him to give in to them. I agree with you sister that God has used Trump till this point. But remember that things can change. We are in a battle and need to pray for Trump, and pray that the Deep State will not have its way.

  4. If the Deep State ever take control of America from President Trump, he won’t hand over control voluntarily.

    And given that God has prepared President Trump all his life for the current period in time, it is unlikely that President Trump would be defeated, given that God always wins.

  5. You are so right on. These are things God is showing some people, while others are very deceived! I say amen. I believe this to be true! We must pray for God to open the eyes of people!

  6. “I have put American under State Control” , does not mean “Deep” State as you personally interpreted it to be.
    We American, want America to return to
    “We the people of the United States…” as stated in the preamble.

    • You could be right Janie. We only see in ‘part’ because that is how the Bible describes prophecy (‘we see in part and prophesy in part’ etc.). So my interpretation could either be incomplete or wrong. But let’s all have some humility to acknowledge that we can all be wrong, because we are human beings. You may be right. And your interpretation may be right. And I hope you are Sister. God bless.

  7. Let the Church Say Amen! God is exposing the heart and motives of men, like HE spoke prophetically through His True Prophets of God at the beginning of This Year- 2020! Lord Please give us Eyes to See & Ears to Hear what the Spirit is Saying to the Church! Also Give us keen and sharp discernment & strategy over all the strategy of the enemy to give us the Victory In every Situation! & Oh Lord, We pray for the Peace of Jerusalem- May those that Love thee prosper- May Peace be within our walls & prosperity be within our Gates.

  8. Maybe “state control” means something else.  We are supposed to be a Rebulic – not a democracy.  Our Declaration of Independence puts control at the State level.  The States are supposed to make the “laws”, not the Federal Government.  The FEDERAL GOVERNMENT INC. has long been controlled by the Deep State.  The new State Assemblies are forming, to take over control from the Deep State.  (Most current STATE GOVERNMENTS are controlled by the Deep State, but this is coming to an end.) So, maybe what Trump was saying is a good thing.  Power back in the peoples hands – states control – not the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.  – BLessings

    • Yup.  That’s how I take it.  Assuming it is a genuine God-dream, I believe the interpretation is much more favorable than has been presented here.  The move from a federally controlled country to a slightly looser state controlled republic is a good thing.

    • Yes Leann, it could be a good thing. Perhaps the true meaning was God handing control back to the State level. Let’s hope that’s the case. However, the parts of my dream taken as a whole give the most support to the idea that the ‘State’ is the ‘Deep State’. Trump as a cartoon, and my believing that what I was seeing was a staged-tv production, means that things are not as they appear. Perhaps Trump for a long while (4 years) resisted this ‘Deep State’, but now unfortunately he has given power over to them. However, that doesn’t mean things aren’t salvageable. Let’s pray that Trump continues to stand strong instead of giving power over to them, as the dream may speak of what is still to come unless we prayerfully intercede, and unless there is great repentance in the US. I agree with others that God has used Trump and that Trump has stood for some good things. But there is obviously a spiritual battle going on, and we need God to intervene in a mighty way.

    • I agree with you Leann that it means control being given back to the states. It was the first thing that entered my mind when I read this.

      • It is so plain the power that we are giving to the deep South in in these mask. I pray that we would resist this mask wearing.we can’t go into the public square. Lord l see this as giving power to the beast. This mask came from the state as a moratorium of power.  The evil one won when he masked our leader I declare freedom from these mask in Jesus. They marginalized.they have killed the middle-class small business and the church these are the. Life of and heart every society.the mask is the is the mark of the beast marwake up without the mask we .can t sell or by not a computer chip if we want to take back our rights simply not wear a mask take it off

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