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  1. Yvonne, I thank you. I so agree and have saw likewise in a town I was called to lead a prayer rally in and also live there. I stayed exactly a year.

    I quote:”Darkness inhabits where it knows an open heaven for the greater light is near. Many will notice that Churches often have Freemasonry Houses or New Age Centers close by in proximity — just in case The Body of Christ awakens!”

    When praying, I was asking the Holy Spirit specifically what was one of the main spirits operating there? He showed me a vision of a ‘free masonry sign’ on a building.
    As it turned out, the building was very close to where I had my apartment. It was also close to the venue for the prayer rally near town hall.

    You are truly exposing the works of darkness, my sister. Much light and truth are in you. May I encourage you on to deeper wells of Revelation.
    We put our parts together. Love your drawings, hugs & prayers, ❤️ Joyce M

  2. This is a confirmation to me. I’ve had a dream about this song in ’07 from my spiritual rebirth and liking this song when I was a boy. “If you received my letter and soon I’ll be free,” is prayers to/from the Lord.  Jesus is the busdriver, the Holy Spirit is the bus/vehicle us prisoners-Chosen are riding, and we are cheering as we come home, and the Ole Oak Tree is Father God, the yellow ribbons represent his Forever Love, as he is THE BURNING BUSH; everlasting to everlasting. Amen.

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