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  1. 15th day of Hebrew calendar also means it full moon.  In certain years these full moons could be blood moons.  In Jewish reckoning, the moon represents Gentiles. 
    15 also means the ushering of three British Kings:
    1. King Charles III
    2. King William V
    3. King George VII.  (3 + 5 + 7 = 15)

  2. “And I heard these words on 5-9-22: “Watch! For the rise of a new Elizabethan Age,” and three (3) days later the Queen dies!”

    I’m confused.

    • 8675310
      It is possible that “The New Elizabethan Age” here refers to that of a long and and influential tenure by Elizabeth Truss as the UK’s Prime Minister, such as that of her predecessor, Margaret Thatcher.

      • It depends on which country you’re from.  In Britain the standard is day/month/year, (starting with the smallest measure of time, ending with the largest).  In the US it’s month/day/year.

  3. I was thinking 22 is potential realised and Queen Elizabeth achieved her platinum jubilee and King Charles becomes King – at last! Numbers are fascinating , thankyou for your insights

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