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  1. I was curious about the gemetriac calculation for the date of the Queen’s death in words which is..
    eighth september two thousand and twenty two

    The phrase calculates as follows
    English Ordinal 504 = 9
    Full Reduction 171 = 9
    Reverse Ordinal 522 = 9
    Reverse Full Reduction 189 = 9

    9 – Birthing and or Judgement.
    The awesome “appointed” timing of God

  2. sorry if this is a repeat

    also Queen (Consort) Camilla

    There is a politician in Brisbane, capital city of Queensland, whose name is “Grace Grace” (5 x 5). She is a living sign. Her title is Hon (the honourable) and she has responsibility for 3 ministerial offices.


    • Yes keep praying for this lady because one of her ministries is education but she has recently used intimidation against jab free teachers docking their pay after they were allowed back to work
      Dis-graceful ,also her child is non binary and she promotes this teaching in the education dept.
      It is very strange that her name is grace grace for she doesn’t exhibit this towards anyone standing for righteous living


    The definition of revival (120) that was given to me is new life (8) through grace (5) (multiplied x5)

    My rates bill was $1208.50

  4. Interesting times knowing what Charles is all about politicly, it will be interesting to see what laws are still in place concerning the British commonwealth since many of these countries who these elitist from Europe have been trying to take freedoms and lock down with tougher measures in the name of safety through there global offices (who, UN, wef, epg and the green) Charles is all in with these agendas and this looks like a chess move to me it does not look to ME like everything as it appears, I think behind this move is a very sinister operation remember if freedom breaks out these elitist will be fortunate to keep there lives in prison

  5. Victoria this is really interesting about the jNimber 15.
    The Lord said to me on the 15 July 2022 “NOT THIS ELIzabeth ELIZABETH ANOTHER ONE” AFTER A DREAM I HAD HAD ABOUT QUEEN ELZABETH 11.. This was in relation to the Conservative Leadership election.
    Interesting that Queen died on the 8 September 2022.
    I had a dream almost the night before about the number of my flat in UK when I was living there.. My flat number was 53 . I mentioned to my sister that if you add the two together you get 8 and wondered if there was any significance.
    Praise the I AM.

  6. This is soo exciting!!!
    I just listened to an interview with Chris Reed on Elijah Streams about the fulfillment of the word the Lord gave him concerning all that’s taking place. Mary Elizabeth Truss is the full name of the new Prime Minister, Mary and Elizabeth were the names of John the Babtist (who came in the Spirit and Power of Elijah), and Jesus Christ’s mothers…WOW!!!
    Our Father is in every intricate detail!!!

  7. It’s good that you have shared with us His thoughts and His ways.  It is indeed astounding how He shared with you this puzzle. Thank you, I can walk away amazed how it all happened.

    Cheers! The LORD bless you and keep you!

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