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Whom Are We Yoked With? — Part Two — 4 Comments

  1. I always love prophetic messages that concern sheep, for I’d owned sheep for many years (in fact, my very last sheepie died in May, and my heart is still broken). I know sheep well. They’re not dull, stupid or silly. In fact, they can be very brave and determined!

    And let me tell you, you do NOT want to be in the way of a charging ram or wether (neutered male)! You can easily be *killed*. BUT they respect their shepherds. A simple, commanding “NO!” and most sheep, even a wether (not sure about rams), will stop in his tracks.

    My last sheep, a 350# wether (unusually large; they are usually 85 – 125#!) loved and respected me, and I adored him. He was elderly; I knew his time was short. Even so, the morning I discovered he’d suddenly, unexpectedly died in his sleep left me heartbroken. I’m going to miss him for a very long time.

    My experience with sheep has left me with a deeper insight than most people have when it comes to Jesus’ comments about them. And for that, I will ever be grateful to Him!

    • Reply to Raisa Berens.  So sorry about your loss Sir. Thanks for your comments on sheep & their shepherds. I agree absolutely with you. Though I have never owned a sheep but I live in the Northern part of Africa where we see lots of sheep & rams grazing around with their shepherds. Most times we give ways as sheep & rams can easily chase, injure or kill passersby with their thick horns except their shepherds call them to order.

  2. Awesome word Sherry. Making reference of Judas in Jesus’ circle is a very good reminder of the need to discern, and once we’ve discerned we should run. The Lord is always there to help His sheep through the process.
    Blessings my sister.

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