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Warring for the Destiny of The United Kingdom — 7 Comments

  1. I did tell you long time ago. Is it not ?

    You should have prayed long time to let him fall after the order of Goliath. Yet you did not listen to me.

    Now start praying that God finally can remove this serial liar. John 8:44

  2. AMEN to What the Spirit Truth is Speaking in this Hour! Lord I thank YOUR Plans Always PREVAIL! Oh Lord, Pour out your Spirit upon Flesh- as you take out the Stony Heart and Give us A Heart of FLESH!☝

  3. Lord we cry out to you for mercy. Forgive us Lord for our waywardness, for abandoning our Gracious God. We have been content to eat pigs slop and not the King’s feast you desired for us. We bow in repentance and ask you Spirit of Revelation to open our eyes and ears to our sin and cause us to arise in your Light and Truth. May we be a nation created in your image representing you and being a lighthouse to many other nations. May we return to The Father’s embrace and His Kingdom purposes.May our prodical leader lead this prodical nation back into The Father’s arms. Thank you Faithful and . merciful God.

  4. Abba Father, I stand in agreement with Your servant in this Hour, and plead the Shed Blood of Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God, as a covering over the destiny of the United Kingdom, and also that of Boris Johnson Lord.
    We give this Land, and this man, created by You and for You, to Your Unfailing Possibilities released into Your Creation through the Power of Your Living Word of Truth and Your Arm of Salvation, by the Power of Your Holy Spirit. I decree and declare over the United Kingdom a d Boris Johnson Father, Your Truth has set them Free, they are Free Indeed!! You have pulled it off perfectly Abba.
    God bless and protect Veronika and her family in this Hour. Cover her Father and go before her and make the Way clear. We cast the plans of Satan and his cohorts released against her and hers under the feet of Jesus Christ, right where the Cross put them, and receive instead the plans You have Lord, plans for Good, not for destruction but for a future and a bright hope, to prosper and to bless her in the Mighty Name of Yeshua, Amen

    • Amen. I come into agreement with the prayers of the saints for your nation Lord. The United Kingdom. Let this prodigal nation come back to its senses. Please have mercy Lord. I pray Isaiah 63 over our land and cry out to you for mercy. Set us free from the EU lock, stock and barrel. In Jesus precious name.

  5. After the 2020 election I went through about a year of quelling my fear. But, I finally learned the lesson of the boat on the sea. We do not know how he will save us. But, we know that he will save us. There is nothing to fear.
    “Be still, and know that I am God.”

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