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Overcoming a Spirit of Fear — 4 Comments

  1. Thank you.  I manage to hide from myself that fear is a problem.  In the last two days I have been attacked with fear, insecurity, shame over already forgiven sins.  I need to face this.

  2. Good beautiful Day Laura.
    Thank you for sharing your testimony and insights concerning the spirit of fear. This is a battle for me. I remember where I was as a child when it entered me, I ran out of my house in a panic.
    The Lord has been doing such a Gracious Work in me as well, and I’d like to share a Testimony.
    About 6 years ago I was doing an interior painting job in a little girl’s bedroom and the spirit of fear hit me like a tidal wave. Then the panic hit and I wanted again to run, but I shut the door and began to pray and decree and declare over and over the Word of Truth I’d memorized to aid in my deliverence. But to no avail. After hours of this I fell in a heap on the floor defeated while the enemy laughed and mocked unceasingly. But suddenly the Lord spoke up and said to him, “She has Eternal Victory.” :D
    This memory is now one of the most amazing ones I own. With 4 simple Words He took what the devil meant to destroy and completely turned it around!!
    Praise God for the Cross which purchased for His Children the Beautiful Spirit of Adoption.
    He who has begun destroying the works of the devil in us will bring it to completion!! :D
    God bless you beautiful lady. :)

  3. It must be such a difference, dear Laura, to feel the Lord‘s nearness and peace take over, hear him so clearly….!!

    I have been through countless dentist procedures startin in young age and it is not finished now with 75 years of age „so far.“ I still hope and believe for total healing in each way, waiting on the end-time outpouring.
    I find myself in this!!
    Good and balanced teaching!

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