A Word for the Body of Christ in the United Kingdom!


Part 1

A now Word for the Body of Christ in the United Kingdom!

Watch and pray!   The spirit of Delilah — A rainbow crown of glory upon the head of the Body — Five-fold restoration — A double-portion anointing of Elijah’s spirit  — Is now being released to the church…!

A few days ago I had just arrived home from a Sunday meeting where I had encountered a strong spirit of witchcraft, heaviness and passivity in operation over the saints of God, and my heart and spirit were deeply burdened for the body of Christ.

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Samson – public domain image

So I began to pray fervently in The Spirit, crying out to God for insight, strategy and greater revelation and understanding concerning the state of His Church/ Body in the United Kingdom, when suddenly a powerful vision opened up to me, where I was shown a man who was blind.

Both of his eyes had been removed, his hair had been cut off, he looked disheveled, weak and powerless.  His spirit broken and without hope, his hands and his feet were bound and shackled with iron chains.  His appearance was that of a slave.

As I looked at the man, it was quickened to me by The Spirit of God that I was looking at a picture of the ‘mighty Samson’!

immediately I inquired of The LORD as to what I was seeing and hearing and He answered me saying, “Beloved, this is a vision of My Church/ Body in the United Kingdom!”

I was shocked and I began to weep over the Body of Christ.

Having heard those words, I began to press in deeper to the unfolding vision and the Spirit of God spoke to me saying, “Daughter, watch and pray!  The spirit of Delilah has bewitched the Church.

Tell My People to listen and pay attention, to call unto to Me this day and I shall remember them and I shall empower and strengthen them once more.

Yes!  I shall restore and I shall redeem and I shall pay back what the enemy has taken.

Now watch, as My Glory returns!  Watch as My Seven Spirits begin to manifest, for these are the days for a five-fold restoration and a double-portion anointing of Elijah’s Spirit being released to My Church in the United Kingdom!”

On hearing those words, I was drawn back into the vision where I looked again at the unfolding picture of the mighty Samson and it was quickened to me the 7 locks of hair that had been cut off his head and I heard The Spirit say, “Daughter, prophecy to the heart, to My beloved apostles!

Prophecy divine realignment, compassion and strategy!  Prophecy that My apostles would arise and take their place to govern and rule, that My Kingdom purposes may advance and be accelerated in this nation!”

So I began to prophecy to the heart of the Body, to His beloved apostles, that they would arise in their God-given identity and authority to rule and govern, and with compassion and strategy, they would bring forth a Word that will realign and reposition the Body of Christ in this hour and season — that the plans and purposes of God would be fulfilled and advanced in the nation!

As I spoke and as I prophesied, suddenly I saw a large rainbow appear like a glorious crown of hair upon the head of the Body and I heard The Spirit say, “Arise, shine, for My Glory has risen upon you!”

Now as I looked again, I could see all 7 colours of the rainbow and I heard these words, “A divine convergence and a supernatural outpouring of the 7 Spirits of God — The Spirit of The LORD, and The Spirit of Wisdom, of Understanding, of Counsel, of Might, of Knowledge and of Fear of The LORD will now begin to manifest in My Church!”

When I heard those words, my eyes were drawn back again to the vision of Samson and I looked at his eyes, which had been removed.

I heard The Spirit say, “The eyes of My Body have been gouged out.  My Prophets have been driven out from among them.  My People now perish for a lack of vision and revelation. 

My Body walks blindly, stumbling in the darkness.  Many have fallen into the pit of despair and destruction.

Daughter, prophesy to the eyes of the Body! 

Prophesy restoration of sight! 

Prophesy to My Prophets in the land! 

Call them to arise! 

Call them to come forth from their caves of isolation! 

Call them to return and to take their places as the eyes of the Body!”

As I obeyed The Spirit’s instruction and I began to prophesy restoration of sight to the Body, to His beloved prophets, that they would begin to arise, advance and take their places once again in the Church, suddenly I saw one of the eyes begin to receive sight and I heard The Spirit say, “Daughter!  Prophesy double-portion anointing of Elijah’s spirit to My Prophets!”

As I listened and obeyed and spoke forth with a loud voice, I saw both eyes open, sight returned and vision was fully restored!

So I continued to prophesy, “Greater clarity, greater insight, greater revelation, greater illumination, 20/20 vision to the eyes, to the prophets that they would rise up to guide and direct the Body once again!”

Now as I continued to pray and prophesy, suddenly The Spirit of God showed me the head of the Body which was now adorned with a crown of 7 glorious rainbow colours, and I heard The Spirit say, “Daughter!  Prophecy to the mind, to My beloved teachers in the Body, that they would be awakened and renewed; that they would be empowered and enabled to go forth to break up the fallow ground; to build and to equip the members and bring balance to the whole Body!”

So I did as God instructed and I prophesied to the mind, to the beloved teachers in the body, “awakening, renewal, divine empowerment and enabling and a release of a kingdom building anointing in this hour!”

Then I looked again in the vision at (Samson), and I saw that his hands and feet were shackled with chains and I heard The Spirit say, “Daughter!  Prophesy to the hands, to My beloved evangelists! 

Prophesy freedom and deliverance from the chains of witchcraft and religion that have kept them bound!

Prophesy to the hands, that they would be loosed in my love and in power to reach out and gather the lost, for the prodigals are now returning home!” 

As I listened, I continued to prophesy as The Spirit of God instructed me to, and as I released the Word of the LORD over His Evangelists, I saw the chains of iron breaking, the hands that were bound were now being released and set free to move in His Love and power.

Then I saw in the realm of The Spirit, a large multitude of prodigals returning home…!

Then suddenly my eyes were drawn to the feet, once again, which were also bound with chains and I heard The Spirit say, “Daughter, now prophesy to the feet, to My beloved pastors who have become weary and heavy burdened.

Prophesy restoration and refreshing, that they may once again guard My house and lead My Sheep to green pastures and to the paths of righteousness!”

So I did as The Spirit told me to and I began to release Words of refreshing and restoration.

I prophesied words of comfort, edification and encouragement to His beloved pastors and as the Words of Life went forth upon the feet, the chains that bound them were suddenly shattered to pieces and the feet were fully healed, revived and restored, and they began to run with great acceleration and momentum taking the whole body forward in great power and authority.

Apostles, prophets, teachers, evangelists and pastors; five-fold restoration is taking place!

“and he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers; for the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ: till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ,”   Ephesians 4:11-13.


More to come in Part 2 on the revelation and insight God has given me concerning the spirit of Delilah and how we are being called to arise and war in a new way against this demonic spirit that has bewitched the church.

This demonic spirit has taken hold in the Body causing the members to become powerless, impotent, passive and spiritually unproductive.


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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A Word for the Body of Christ in the United Kingdom! — 3 Comments

  1. Last Sunday morning I was up early in the a.m. praying praising and worshiping the Lord. I went to Church early, Heavily Clothed in the Beautiful Spirit of God, to pray and intercede for our Body. I was a bit early, but there was already one praying and our spirits united beautifully with His in Divine Intercession. A couple came in to join us, not even 5 minutes later, and SUDDENLY the air fell completely FLAT!!! We had a guest speaker from the inner city talking about how he’s reaching out to crack houses, and drive by’s, and children seen going out of these places used as mules for the dealers, and I kid you not, it was so grey and dry in this place I couldn’t hardly focus!! People were getting up and leaving, the speaker was so monotone I wanted to leave myself!!! I was crying out to the Spirit in my heart, “What is happening here Lord!!!” I’m now praying this for the U.S.!!

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