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A Word for The Body of Christ in The United Kingdom! — 5 Comments

  1. Last Sunday morning I was up early in the a.m. praying praising and worshiping the Lord. I went to Church early, Heavily Clothed in the Beautiful Spirit of God, to pray and intercede for our Body. I was a bit early, but there was already one praying and our spirits united beautifully with His in Divine Intercession. A couple came in to join us, not even 5 minutes later, and SUDDENLY the air fell completely FLAT!!! We had a guest speaker from the inner city talking about how he’s reaching out to crack houses, and drive by’s, and children seen going out of these places used as mules for the dealers, and I kid you not, it was so grey and dry in this place I couldn’t hardly focus!! People were getting up and leaving, the speaker was so monotone I wanted to leave myself!!! I was crying out to the Spirit in my heart, “What is happening here Lord!!!” I’m now praying this for the U.S.!!

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