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  1. Miss West, as I read your prophecy, something just jumped out at me from the words. Hope this doesnt sound dumb: TRIUMPH = TRUMP IN HIM!!!

  2. Gold Political Party will arise as a 3rd party in USA. It’s logo is a big pot full of gold coins.  The coins represent the Gold Party Membership.  You should read Gold Party’s Platform before calling it anything evil: https://goldaffiliation.us.  God is doing a great thing through this 3rd party.

  3. Hi.

    (Quotings from ‘America: A Vision of Trump and A Burning Bush’)

    Based on what we read about Bill Gates:
    …”And I heard these words, “Watch and Pray! For billionaires and millionaires have thrown their gold and precious silver into the boiling pot of perversion and corruption, that they may build a golden altar to the gods of Baal and Molek!”
    As I heard those words, suddenly I saw the faces of George Soros, Bill Gates and the faces of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris come up before me, and I knew by The Spirit of Revelation, that what I was being shown was a powerful demonic plan and plot of the enemy, to build and establish an altar of the Antichrist in the Nation of America in this hour.
    As I looked at this taking place, I began to cry out to The LORD to have, “Mercy, mercy on the nation of America!”…

    And Kim Clement:
    …”As I was being shown Moses again, suddenly a Cloud of Witnesses appeared in the sky above President Trump, and as I looked at the Cloud of Witnesses, I saw the late and great Kim Clement and the late and great Billy Graham looking down upon the President, and I saw that Kim Clement had a rod in his hand, which lifted high into the air.
    Then I heard these words, “My Court’s in session!” And then, “Watch! For a great Cloud of Witnesses now stands to make Intercession and Prophetic Proclamation in this hour for a Nation that is being weighed in the balance!”…

    And the convergence/agreement of the ‘Remnant prayers’ and the ‘prayers and the Prophetic Proclamations of the late and great reformers’:
    …”Watch! As a Divine Convergence is now beginning to take place as heaven touches earth.
    For The Scales of Justice will be shifted as the sound of the roar of The Remnant rises to touch the Prayers and the Prophetic Proclamations of the late and great reformers!”
    (– A Divine Convergence; Our Apostolic and Prophetic Agreement Shifts the Scales in the Courts –)
    Then I heard The Spirit of Revelation speak to me saying, “In this hour and season, I AM calling for the Apostolic and the Prophetic Council in the earth to come into Alignment and into Agreement with the Prayers and the Prophetic Proclamations of the Apostolic and the Prophetic Council in Heaven.
    For the power of this Agreement and Unity, will shift The Scaled of Justice in The Courts of Heaven, for the Nation is now at a Divine Tipping Point!”…

    And about this prophecy from Kim Clement:
    (Quoting from ‘April 4th, 2007 – Redding, CA’ — Please read the full prophecy)
    …Trump shall become a trumpet, says the Lord! I will raise up the Trump to become a trumpet and Bill Gates to open up the gate of a financial realm for the Church, says the Spirit of the Living God!…

    What we have to do is to pray in agreement with this Kim Clement’s prophecy related to ‘Bill Gates’?

    Maybe more about Bill Gates and the ‘gate to the financial realm for the church’ (Quoting from ‘June 24th, 2010 – Special Message’ — Please read the full prophecy):
    …”One man, not two men, three men – one man – Bill Gates – I prophesied would be a financier of the kingdom of God.”…

    What a plot twist!

    (If Veronika West take a look, we may get a better understanding from her)

    Allan Welson

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