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  1. I am encouraged by your prophecies regarding former President Donald Trump. I hope and pray that the truth of the November 3, 2020 election will be revealed. I firmly believe the election was stolen from Trump. Unfortunately no US court wants to hear it. Do not feel bad. Other prophets got it wrong too. The only hope we have is that God will reveal the truth behind the US 2020 election. As Graeme Edge of the Moody Blues said,”face piles of trials with smiles, it riles them to to believe that you perceive the web they weave, so keep on thinking if free.”

    • I do not believe the prophets you’re referring to “got it wrong”, but there is a prophetic language God uses that we must understand or else we will be inclined to interpret with our own understanding & miss the mark, thinking it was the prophet’s fault instead of our own lack of wisdom.

  2. When the enemy comes in like a flood Lord we thank You on behalf of the United States of America and Great Britain for the Standard raised up in the form of the Power of the FINISHED Work of the Cross, released against the flood of the devil and demonic kingdom You STRIPPED, the world You CONQUERED, the flesh You OVERCAME, and the curse You REMOVED!! The Truth has set us Free and I Decleare in agreement WE ARE FREE INDEED!! IT IS FINISHED!! So we come up Higher Abba, to look through the Eyes of the Righteous we NOW ARE in Christ at Your Right Hand to overlook the Eternal Freedom and Victory which is ours NOW!!! And in Jesus Name we embrace it!!! Father we take it by force!! Thank You that failure doesn’t exist within You. Thank You for taking what the devil has meant to destroy our Great Nations and working it together for Good instead. We declare “YOU HAVE PULLED IT OFF PERFECTLY LORD!!”
    In Jesus Mighty Name, Amen :)

    • It always puts things in better perspective when I remember that “when the enemy comes in (stop),….. like a flood, the LORD raises” up HIS standard against the enemy !

  3. I am very concerned that there appears to be no attention paid to the things that our own nation of Great Britain is contending with right now.  We face opposition and what seems to be malicious activity coming on us from the EU, and our own COVID situation appears to be fairly serious – am I alone in this?  I do pray for the situation in the US but I feel sad regarding this.

    • You are not alone Mary. I am standing with you in prayer for the UK. I have felt isolated but we are the hidden remnant. The church in the UK is still asleep so I don’t think you’ll hear any words ‘from the front’ as such but I believe there is a small praying remnant.

      • The LORD has NOT forgotten you & has His army of intercessors stationed throughout the world….no one needs to know who they are for your trust & eyes are to be fixed ONLY on our REDEEMER & DELIVERER.

  4. Abba Father, speak to our Hearts and cause our Hearts & Minds to come into Divine Alignment with Your Heart & Your Mind like NOW! Thank You Lord for giving us eyes to SEE and ears to HEAR what the Spirit is saying to the Real Church in this Hour, like Never Before! Thank You Father for the confirmation that we will Not look to a ‘man- but we will ‘Continue look to YOU LORD, the author and finisher of our FAITH, as we continue to Trust You and Your Word. Yes Father we pray & thank You for doing a complete Work in Us, as well as Donald Trump and use us ALL For ‘YOUR GLORY in Jesus Name. We Trust You Lord, because you Know the End from the Beginning and You Do ALL Things WELL! Let Your Kingdom Come & Let YOUR Divine WILL Be Done Unto us This Day & FOREVER MORE!☝

  5. Stand your ground…
    Believe YHWH is on His Throne…
    Pray against MOLESH and pray EARNESTLY with EXPECTANCY…

    NO time with wimpy thoughts…

    • I so agree. This is a time to be faithful– and for perseverance.  I’m still praying and believing Yahweh, not a man. But, believing God is not finished with this incredible leader that He blessed us with. Halleluyah, Amen!!!!

  6. WoW! Powerful comment, Steve!!!
    I’ve been reminded, in my spirit, of this passage many times before the inauguration.
    Standing firm and waiting for God to display His power and glory!!! (While I was reading this morning from Exodus 14 & 15, my husband told me to read Veronica’s article. Great confirmation for the day!)
    Be blessed brother and stay strong in the Lord!

  7. This cauldron was prepared at least since around the time of WWI ( Manifesto of Ventotene,the Count Koudenhove-Kalergi – he had many followers indeed, George S’ father as well). They never had hidden their intentions, but they were not publicised to the common man. read about the Club of Rome, UN Agenda 2030 – the latest update to UN Agenda 2020, WEF Agenda 2030 ( HRH Prince Charles opened the meeting last year where that Agenda was introduced to the knowing public) the Great Reset (” Build Back Better”- B Johnson uses that motto rather a lot, T May before him). But of course, to be able to rebuild something it needs to be destroyed, ideally to rubble. That needs only then be disposed of. Read about the mostly yearly meetings of the WEF in Davos, the lists of attendendees are all published available in the internet (still).Just google the individual names of British politicians or any other globalist and your eyes will water. I gave my neighbour recently a tip where to look to get an understanding of what is really intended with this project FEAR. The ‘ pandemic’ is the smoke screen to reduce people, the economy ( at least the unwanted parts of it), our civilization to rubble. To establish a totalitarian police state. My neighbour’s reply was: This can’t be real. It is too incredible!( I had not even mentioned The Last Coming or pointed to that direction.)

    • Thank you Elisabeth for this Truthful word. The only criticism/change I would make is to your use of the word pandemic. That word alone is a lie. It is a flu like any other with very small amount of deaths.. Therefore it should be called the hoax Demic or government contrived plandemic. Look up the etymology of word mask. It is witchcraft. Satans cure for the flu fear is to add witchcraft to people’s faces. Now they have both fear and witchcraft blocking them from receiving the Truth your words about other evils from past will help wake them up.  I start with Vietnam war and 9/11 lies, like you have said. This way they see that this hoax Demic is just more of the same. God bless you Girl. Joanie Vrooman
      God bless you Girl

  8. Samaria was under siege. There was no hope in sight and the people didn’t fear God anyway, so why should He rescue them? But He had already decided to show mercy, so Elisha the prophet announced that the very next day prices would go back to normal. Since this was completely ludicrous to the natural mind, an officer standing next to the prophet scoffed. Elisha said it would surely happen, but the officer would not see it.

    During the night the Lord sent into the enemy camp the sound of a great host approaching. The Syrians became so terrified that they abandoned their camp and the sounds chased them out of Israel altogether. Two lepers outside the city went into the camp and saw the plunder inviting them. Declaring that they should share the good news with the city, they did so. The people were more than willing to pounce on the spoils, but the officer who the previous night had shown disbelief was trampled to death by the crowds.

    Those who are faithful to the Lord and even those who have not allowed their consciences to become seared (the Levites, if you will) will profit from the blessing upon which the Lord has firmly decided. But those who are balking at this time (including cowardly spiritual leaders like Aaron) will at best suffer humiliation and at worse not live to see the day of America’s triumph in the Lord.

    Bless the faithful remnant and be merciful to the nation, oh Lord! We stand before you between the pillar of fire and the sea and look with anticipation for the salvation of the Lord!

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