Where Art Thou, Brother?


The voice of the blood of someone’s brother, was crying out to God; from the ground.  The Spirit wants to speak a message here.

I pray that I can listen closely, letting Him say, what He wishes to say.  There are many voices crying out to God; and He hears everyone of them.  These cries, have always reached Him.  And He sent help to them, just as He said He would.  But in these last and final hours, these voices, have become louder.

You are your brother’s keeper.  The truth of this, was written in both of the Testaments.

Jesus said it, and so did His apostles; and it’s written plainly, for everyone to see and understand.  There was some words spoken by Him, during his ministry here.  We’ve all read it; we know we have.

But it appears that somehow, it did not resonate in our spirit as it should have.  The lack of unbelief in this area, might explain why James’s message, was not implemented.

Were some words of Jesus Christ, more important than others?  We do not have to be an accredited scholar, to read God’s word, and understand it.

When sought rightfully, the Spirit will teach us and guide us, just as Jesus himself, said it would.  I am nothing.  I do not claim any name or any position of influence.  I learned long ago, what I am without Him; only a weak vessel that yet desires to make himself available; worthy or not.  The topic is, that the blood of many of our brothers and sisters, is still crying out.

Jesus spoke of bringing our gift before the altar.  It says clearly, that while we are there, we might remember something.  It’s that our brother, has some ought against us.

We are to stop right here, leave the gift at the altar, and go do something the body of Christ is sadly lacking in.  Go first, to that person, and be reconciled.

It did not say wait for them to come to you, and in this case, it’s also not about going to someone and asking forgiveness for an injustice that you have done to them.  There are many other verses for that.

What does the word “reconcile” mean here?  It means to solve or resolve a quarrel or difference we had, or still have with our own brother’s and sister’s.  Not just immediate family, but also to those who are our relatives in Christ.

It further means, to become friendly with someone after estrangement; to re-establish friendly relations with.  Only then can we come back to the altar, and offer that gift we left there.

We may have tried to do so, in days past.  However, if the Spirit leads, we might go and try again.  Perhaps in the mean time, we have humbled ourselves more; speaking with more love.

All of these excuses about not doing what Paul instructed the Galatians to do in chapter 6, are feeble at most.  Is it possible to say this, without offending too many.

Christ is not going to revive His church in these days, until we get this; once and for all.  And He is not going to come to our rescue, until we are truly willing to go rescue someone else.

The voice and cry of hurting, wounded and lost sheep, has increased in the ears of the heavens.  And God himself, cannot stand it any more.  His anger, is mounting.

We once talked about standing before God one day, with blood on our hands.  I know, that now, this is ole school.  But it is not ‘passe’ with Jesus Christ; the true Head of His church.

It takes a lot of character, and being full of the Holy Ghost, to go to people you may not have even wronged; and make it right.  Solve it, resolve it and go forward.  They may refuse to work it out; that happens too often.  It’s often about our own spirit, and the way we go about it.

Where is our brother?  Where is our sister?  We must, look again.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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