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  1. “If you are not able to hear My voice, then the written word becomes a manual for you to adjust your earthly behavior and try to align yourself with kingdom living.”

    This is also good to know because the Word says that God gives the Holy spirit to those who obeys Him which means that the quiet obedience to seek God and to (not publically for man’s approval but in the daily circimstances before God) obey His commandments will be rewarded.
    The false teaching that all who believes in Jesus automatically has the holy Spirit will receive a false spirit.

    “the Holy Spirit…whom God gave to those obeying him Acts5:32

  2. Thank you for these words Jim!

    Just the other day I read about how they in some countries will forbid Bibles and in some way I thought that God – in some way will allow this to happen just for the reason to pull down the religious spirit which keeps the believers from to really seek God.
    Contrary to all other ‘religions’ the Word of God can be revealed to one’s innermost being in the spirit.
    The ‘preaching’ of the gospel is not to quote scriptures but only reveal what the Spirit says to ‘our’ spirit the very moment.
    This means that the walk with the Lord is a most quiet (and exciting) walk because the Spirit of the Lord is not ‘chatting’ and has no need of to ‘defend’ itself.

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