Move Forward Only in Agreement!


If you share what is passionately burning in your spirit with those who only “relate” on a casual spiritual level themselves…  you will be continually devastated.

Spiritual intimacy can only be as deep as those who spend the time in spiritually intimate worship, waiting, and self-examining dialog with the Father and… in time together.

Not easy for busy human life!

This is a time in the Kingdom where we all must soberly count the cost of what we are about to step into on every level.

If there is not the peace of the Holy Spirit resting on those who are involved… don’t move into anything until the peace comes.  The apostolic and prophetic leaders in Acts, fasted, ministered to the LORD, and then the Holy Spirit spoke.  We have all learned many a painful lesson in the past from experiences of over planning, programming, and hurrying to help God out.

“And when they were gathered to meet with one another, they went up into an upper room…  They all continued with one accord, in unity and in prayer and supplication, with the women…  the Mother of Jesus, and with His brothers…,”   Acts 1:13-14.

To borrow a well-coined phrase: “Timing is Everything!”

Or – T o everything there is a season  …a time.

Until you have a green light… don’t move.  It will keep you from having to back track and… it trains in humility and yielding to one another.

I sense the Spirit of God wanting all of us to understand a key virtue and even perhaps better stated as a “necessary pact.”

I am to urge you to re-examine with brutal individuality and then, corporately, the need for total unity and agreement in all you are moving into.

This means meetings, teachings, and prospective future ideas and plans.  If any one is harboring any feeling of fear about not fully agreeing with how you will proceed, or if someone feels that things are not well covered enough in prayer, then you will be certain to have a break in the place of safety.

“Do not be surprised at the painful trials you are suffering, as though something strange were happening to you!”   1 Peter 4:12.

There are many, many, others globally who are also still wrestling out of the cocoon in new birth and are suffering also.


Hellish warfare will be a normal activity in the days ahead.  Unless you harness the power of unity and train yourselves in the regular disciplined gathering of passion in prayer and worship together, you will shrink back into serious doubt, angst, and fear when the trauma of warfare attacks!!

Speak out in truth and in praise and the LORD will step into your midst with the peace you have been craving and groping for.

Quickly!  Enter in to prayer and worship before you think and dialog, for after The LORD is given His rightful place of honor and adoration, then will He speak and give you clear vision and direction.


In His Shadow,
~ Mary Lindow ©

Duplication and sharing of this writing is welcomed as long as complete message and website information for Mary Lindow is included.  Thank You!

” THE MESSENGER ” ~ Mary Lindow

Mary Lindow imageMary Lindow has a passion for encouraging others – all generations, careers or vocations to live expressing excellence through personal integrity, healthy accountability, and wise management of talents and skills. She’s a sought after keynote, inspirational, humorous speaker and teacher across the U.S.A and internationally in Ministers & Spiritual leaders Conferences, and training seminars for various organizations.

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Move Forward Only in Agreement! — 1 Comment

  1. “And when they were gathered to meet with one another, they went up into an upper room…”

    I have a revelation of that this ‘upper room’ is not a building but the head, the mind because we are the house or temple.
    Therefore were the disciples gathered in one mind, the mind of Christ, but not at the same place.

    This walking in faith without sight (of any comfort but the leading of the spirit) will be what one has to the last days.

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