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  1. Watch now, says the Spirit of The Living God, as I cause those of the household of satan to fall at thy feet and to surely know that I have loved thee.” What does this mean please ma’am.

  2. Father has answered here, in-depth with great love the questions that I had for decades. Bless God, the cloud, all sheep & you St. Kim.

  3. Thank you Lord Jesus for Your protection
    When the enemy is outside your prayer house, bullying, alleging, cursing, assuming, lying, demanding, do not let him provoke you to go out and “negotiate with him”. Stay in the House of prayer and pray God’s will to be done, and wait for Him to say, “Go”! You cannot jeopardize the prayers you have been given to pray for, by doing whatever you want yourself if you have given your life to Jesus. No one can ever love more than God love us. God know ALL! You can monitor people you hate to find something to blame them for, but God will always know more because He know all things, have always known all and He will always know everything, and He do care much about His own, in fact, as the apple of His eye.
    Four weeks ago, someone said to me, “Be still the next three weeks”. After three weeks, still no access given until yesterday. Many times, I thought I would send a comment, because I think and feel like everybody else, all because I am just an ordinary human. Careful not to idolize ANY human being in any way, high or low! We do not need human thoughts to find the Way, all we need is believing Jesus is the Son of God. We all need God Jehovah, He is sufficient! It is critical that we all do what God commands, when He say, “Be still”, we are to be still. In the waiting period, He told me many times, “Thank Me for protecting you, I just did”! wow and so :-) Jesus showed us what to do in any circumstance while on earth.
    Those of you, who lost their way and got longer and longer into the cave-maze, Call on the Lord God of light in Jesus holy and wonderful name. He is waiting in much love and hope for you to call on Him. He will send you aid right away with angels to guide you back to light. This can take some time, depended on how deep you got yourself into the cave and how willing you are to go back to the holy path. Careful not to wait too long, the clock is ticking. Bless the Lord, praise the Lord and pray respectfully on your way to the Throne of Grace. Happy journey and God bless you all. Lucia Ludvigsen

  4. After much affliction I am most grateful for this Godly, timely word!! Everything written described me. For God has heard my cry!

  5. Wow, Something leaped in my spirit when I read this word.  I could feel this word permeating through my whole body.  Thank You Lord for this right now words of wisdom.  Hallelujah, Glory to GOD.

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