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You Were Moulting Like an Eagle 🦅 in 2021 — 6 Comments

  1. In 2018 all through to 2021, My teeth falling out, got covid in August, restored by God, yet my hair is falling out, so – yeah, literally I am waiting on the Lord, that I may mount up with wings as
    eagles. Amen Lord have Your way, it’s the only way, and I trust You still.

  2. This describes exactly where I am right now in life. Father, I thank you for strengthing, keeping & taking this far to endure this moulting stage which is very painful & difficult. Father pls help me. God increase your as anointing Dear Apst Esther.

  3. This Word is an amazing reminder, its been a year of Eagle encounters like I’ve never experienced before.
    Everything has been shed, I mean EVERYTHING!!
    And the enemy has been hitting me very hard to stop, calling me “ugly” “wear makeup” the cruelty has been relentless. I wasn’t aware of the depth of darkness until I turned to The Light.
    But He is worth it, this life is But a tiny drop in the Eternal Ocean. I will now say, although the enemy approaches, he has NOTHING in me.
    God bless your beautiful heart Esther :)

  4. ♥♥♥All of HIS WAYS are ready for Soaring down to our EARTH sooner than ever♥♥♥


    MK 10

    1 PT 4

    HEB 6

    1 TI 4

    2 TI 4

    1 TH 1 to 7

    EPH 2

    RO 1 to 10

    AC 1 to 5

    JN 9 to 16

    LK 21

    MT 14 to 28

    SELAH to be gathers by ♥♥♥HIS TEACHINGS♥♥♥ = OBEY THE “WORDS” – AMÉN..!

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