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You Were Moulting Like an Eagle 🦅 in 2021 — 7 Comments

  1. From April 2021, it began. I got covid-19 at work was off for six weeks. I lost my job as a nurse of 22 years for not taking the vaccine. I tried to get an exemption but was denied. I tried to find work again as a nurse but to no avail. I have been feeling lost and depressed. Through it a I trust in Jesus to get me and my family through it all. I’m praying and waiting on Jesus. I thank you for sharing these uplifting prayers and scriptures, much appreciated. Praise be to Jehovah for his daily blessings in our lives.

  2. In 2018 all through to 2021, My teeth falling out, got covid in August, restored by God, yet my hair is falling out, so – yeah, literally I am waiting on the Lord, that I may mount up with wings as
    eagles. Amen Lord have Your way, it’s the only way, and I trust You still.

  3. This describes exactly where I am right now in life. Father, I thank you for strengthing, keeping & taking this far to endure this moulting stage which is very painful & difficult. Father pls help me. God increase your as anointing Dear Apst Esther.

  4. This Word is an amazing reminder, its been a year of Eagle encounters like I’ve never experienced before.
    Everything has been shed, I mean EVERYTHING!!
    And the enemy has been hitting me very hard to stop, calling me “ugly” “wear makeup” the cruelty has been relentless. I wasn’t aware of the depth of darkness until I turned to The Light.
    But He is worth it, this life is But a tiny drop in the Eternal Ocean. I will now say, although the enemy approaches, he has NOTHING in me.
    God bless your beautiful heart Esther :)

  5. ♥♥♥All of HIS WAYS are ready for Soaring down to our EARTH sooner than ever♥♥♥


    MK 10

    1 PT 4

    HEB 6

    1 TI 4

    2 TI 4

    1 TH 1 to 7

    EPH 2

    RO 1 to 10

    AC 1 to 5

    JN 9 to 16

    LK 21

    MT 14 to 28

    SELAH to be gathers by ♥♥♥HIS TEACHINGS♥♥♥ = OBEY THE “WORDS” – AMÉN..!

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