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2022 — The Year of the Underdogs! — 10 Comments

  1. Thank you for sharing God’s words. I feel it in my spirit that Jesus is on his way to save his people from satan’s world. May Jesus grant us strength and courage to hold on until he comes.

  2. I was just going to say:
    God’s Hidden Remnant a d as I scrolled down to write it/I see someone else said Remnant.
    Yes Yes Those of HIS Who have been
    Enduring Training Walking thru the
    Refining Fires. Waiting to Hear HIS Voice
    In saying: Walk this Way
    No Stop
    Trust Believe
    KNOW That You are NOT Alone/no matter what it appears
    Honor ME as did Job Esther Nehemiah Daniel and so many others
    Who are NOW In Glory with ME
    I see I know
    This earth is NOT Your Home
    You are only a Sojourner Walking thru
    …earth is Your Training Grounds for
    Ruling & Reigning with ME for
    All ‘Eternity

    • 非常感谢这些话语,让我忘记背后勇敢直跑直到十架标杆,完成耶稣基督要我完成的事。

      [ HKP : Admin : Google Translate : “Thank you so much for these words that make me forget to bravely run straight behind my back to The Cross, to accomplish what Jesus Christ wants me to accomplish.” ]

  3. Beautiful, simply beautiful sister Deborah. We truly are marching n tune with His Heartbeat and what a joy to march to the tune of a different drummer. Thanks for sharing. Blessings, Sandi Holman

  4. @ Deborah This is such a beautiful anointed Word my sister. Thank you. I cant read all, but try to be spirit lead what I read on HKP. God bless you.

  5. ♥♥♥HE IS THE ONLY WINNER, after all enemies are rubbed to the ground and vanishings
    of their zatanic acting ways against the CREATOR, AMÉN..!♥♥♥


    PR 11

    RO 3

    JN 16

    DN 12

    LK 14

    IS 30 to 41

    1 JN 5

    RV 1 to 21

    1 PT 3

    JMS 1 to 5

    HEB 5 to 13

    2 CO 5

    AC 6 to 16

    JN 3 to 9

    MT 1 to 16

    LM 1 to 3

    PS 119 TO 121


  6. It is God’s excellent plan to make the enemy believe He does not exist.  Joshua describes how the Lord hide His people (the remnant Army) and send them forth for the “ambush”.
    This “sending forth” refers to sending them forth to the end of times.

    Take notice of the letters in Joshuas war between Bethel and Ai because Beth-el represent the natural way human reproduce (certain explanations is required about the word beth but it takes much room to explain, but you can seek the meaning in hebrew)
    While “Ai” represent the totally opposite and destruction of God’s creation.

    By reading Joshua we understand the reason why the enemy believes he will succsess with his plan (which also is a long planned ambush on the human)
    Because he his not aware of the ambush, but, just like Haman He will fall into his own trap.

    Joshua 8:9

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