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222, Uriel, Angels of His Glory and the Fireworks of God — 3 Comments

  1. HI Deborah,
    Over the past month I have been seeing 2:22 on the clock repeatedly- both in the am, and pm.
    I have also had significant things happen right at 2:22 related to Plymouth, MA.
    Plymouth is the 2nd landing place of the Pilgrims in this country. They landed first in Provincetown, but then sailed across CC Bay to Plymouth and set up there.
    There is a large granite statue erected to our first settlers on a hill in Plymouth which I believe bears specific spiritual significance for our country during this spiritual battle. The statue depicts many things, but the most prominent is a woman named Faith, Holding a Bible and pointing to heaven. 
    Early in the morning, Monday 9/26, we had a sudden, intense, unpredicted thunder and lightening storm over Cape Cod. My husband and I woke with a start to the clap of thunder, and I looked at my clock and it was 2:22.

    Several prophetic voices prophecied something significant was coming to New England this past weekend, but we did not see anything in the natural. Nonetheless that storm felt significant and it feels like something is coming……

    I was led to Strong’s Concordance to discover that 222 is for Uriel, so have been researching about Uriel and ran into this post which really intrigued me. I know its from over 2 years ago, but it feels significant to me, and I wanted to reach out to you.

    If the Lord gives you any word on this, appreciate very much hearing from you.

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