Five Powerful Prophetic Words For Now!


Sitting here and I heard the Spirit of YAH say:


There is a mighty weight of prosperity sitting upon the atmosphere and there will a extreme move of YAH that will burst forth in some lives of those that have been faithful and true.

The favor of YAH is in activation and it is going before us to bring forth the promises that have been established for our lives.

Many will not understand what is happening, because of the unusual way the blessings will appear.

I keep hearing,  “Your enemies will come bearing gifts receive them with joy for the enemy is your footstool!”

There will be unexpected financial breakthroughs that will mysteriously appear in accounts and I hear lawsuits are being released and court cases settled in our favor.

We shall experience angelic involvement that shall set us up for blessings.

People will just want to sow into our lives as the proof of the transfer of wealth is manifesting now.

Provisional sources are looking for us that have been given a Kingdom assignment that shall bring in a mass amount of souls.

Watch who shall be used to bless you in this hour, as YAH is looking for those who have proven themselves to be faithful. to pour out upon in this hour.

I kept seeing a gigantic wave about one hundred feet high, but as I looked, it wasn’t water but gold and silver.

I heard that the wealth of the Kingdom is manifesting with a strong force and shall overflows in regions that look dead.

Those who have been overlooked shall now receive from the hand of YAH.


There is a release of Healing power going forth, because of the attack against the bodies of the people.

I heard,  “Deadly diseases shall be suddenly and miraculous healed and people will be made completely free of sickness.”

YAH said the secret attacks to infest the land with infectious diseases, will not prosper.

Scientist and doctors will be scratching their head, because they are not going to understand how the people are resisting the viruses that are going forth.

He said,  “Bind the airborne viruses that are in the atmosphere.”

Come against lung and respiratory attacks lung diseases that are suddenly killing people and against slow killing diseases that are associated with cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart diseases.

It’s a time of the supernatural and the healing power of YAH is going forth Healing throughout the land.

I keep hearing,  “Tell the people to arise take up their beds and walk, for you shall and will and are made whole right now!”

I see muscles and nerves being Healed and every crippling disease reverse.  Back conditions reversing and deliverance from pain and pain pills.

I command legs and feet to be made whole.

People will just stand up out of wheelchairs and start walking that have been unable to walk all their life.

I hear paraplegics will be miraculously overtaken by the power of YAH and made whole.

Some of you need to praise YAH for reversing the doctor’s opinions and diagnoses, because you shall live and not die.


There will be a mighty move of revival in the people that shall shake the world.

People who have been addicted for years, will throw down those things that have had them in bondage and they will instantly be delivered and set free.

I saw people sleep and waking up speaking in tongues and ABBA will do a quick work in their lives to escalate their process of deliverance, because they are behind time, because of their disobedience.

Loved ones who have been in prison for a long time and whom YAH has truly dealt with, they have truly changed and will receive another chance and be delivered from the prison.   They will be thrown out the prison speedily and it is the Father’s doing.

They will come out running for their lives, because they know only YAH could had done this thing.

I heard,  “Laborers come forth, for the fields are ripe for the harvest!”

I heard,  “Who will go?  Whom can I send and they not be consumed by greed?”

He is looking for those who will be a Pastor to the people!


ABBA said,  “I shall withstand those who oppose Me and who war against the holiness of My Word.

I shall arise in power and consume the enemy, for My Will must come forth throughout the earth.”

I heard Him say,  “Bridge the gap!  Close up the breach!  Restore and rebuild place in order the people.”

I heard,  “Many have been pulverized by the attacks of the enemy but have stood in the heat of the adversity.

They have held on in integrity when the fight against them was hard, bitter and long, and they have refused to sit and cry, but have praise and worship through hard and difficult times, often being fought in their mind to let go to turn back, but they refuse to give up!”

“Now,” said YAH, “they shall see the reward of their faithfulness and their diligence.”

I heard,  “It is overturned!  They are delivered out of their affliction, who have not wavered, who have not been double-minded, who have not lost hope, neither faith in YAH.”

I hear,  “Arise from your afflicted place of mourning, for today you shall be rendered double for the warfare you have endured for YAH!”


Be encouraged.

Today I hear,  “Your weeping shall now become joy, your garment of praise has been placed upon you and the spirit of heaviness removed.

You shall be sent forth to now possess your land and enter into your blessed and wealthy place.

Look not back at the things of old, but enjoy now your new season stay strong.”

Know that YAH has established you in righteousness and you have been given the keys to the Kingdom.  Bind and loose and establish the Word and watch YAH bless you in the midst of your enemies.

The “latter shall be greater than the former” days are here, and I’m walking in mine!


~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and is on a mission, travelling the world, proclaiming the Gospel, for souls to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has life mandate to help bring others to their divine purpose.

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