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  1. “but couldn’t figure out how to use my phone or quickly find the dial pad”…. this speaks volumes to me. I often dreamed the same situation. After all, worldwide now it comes more and more to the light that they who mocked us that we would use Jesus as a poor last option and mocked us “weary silly Jesus people” – that the haters, the mockers need help. Many of them would like to run over us, run over this world like insane amok runners (the man in your dream is just symbolizes one of them) and we have to SPEAK TO THOSE `mountains`. Many rather want to kill us than hearing God`s holy words. But we have no other chance. Our forefathers and foremothers had the same attacks. And JESUS always had to speak to everyone, to good and to evil people. He recognized them all, He even knew their thoughts. They wanted to silence Him and all His followers. This world is out of balance and we “only” have JESUS CHRIST. This is our treasure, our LIFE.

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