A Battle Cry Risers Up From the Nations!


I hear the sound of a battle cry rising up from the nations of the earth!

Warriors, it’s time arise and to cry out aloud to God for the future of our nations.  As we do this, we will watch as Heaven responds to our cries for deliverance, restoration and revival.

In this hour, God has already begun to move swiftly on our behalf, to deliver us from the hidden plans and purposes of the enemy.

His governing hand is moving mightily upon the land to deliver and to save.

His Spirit of Might and Power is going forth across the nations, plundering the enemy’s camps and breaking the heavy yoke of oppression that has been unjustly put upon the sons and daughters of God.

Cry out with me now;

Deliver me LORD from the heavy yoke of oppression that enemy has unjustly put upon me and my whole household.

Plunder the camp of the enemy and restore to me what the locusts have eaten and what the enemy has stolen!

Cry out with me now;

The Spirit of Freedom has brought me out.  There is now a clear pathway breaking open before me.

Nothing will hinder or delay my advancing and acceleration into the land of abundance and supernatural supply.

Watch!  There are angels on assignment in this hour around my life.  They are going before me to remove and uproot every obstacle that has blocked my way and prevented me from receiving the fullness of my inheritance and reward.

I Decree, a new day is dawning and a new door is opening.

Even now a new way is forming in front of me, I am moving with acceleration and greater momentum beyond this place of stagnation and lack and I’m moving fast forward into the land of bounty and beauty that God has promised to me!

I hear the spirit say, “Behold, My ‘Radiant Ones’ are rising adorned with the light of My Glory and Redemption, and they shall go forth clothed in royal garments of My Power and great authority to pierce, penetrate and push back the powers of the kingdom of the dragon, for My Spirit is now moving and shifting the nations of the earth.

Watch!  As My Hand moves to push back the powers of darkness.

Watch!  As My Hand moves to pull down and destroy the strongholds of the enemy that have been long been established in the land.

Behold, I AM coming to reveal and release the riches of My Glory and Power to My Sons and Daughters in this hour,” says the Spirit of God.


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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