A Counterattack in the Spirit Realm!


The Spirit of YAHWEH is speaking strongly this morning!

There is a counterattack taking place in the spirit realm that is opposing the demonic forces that are fighting those who are in their timing and season of change, manifestation and overflow!

The river of YAH is flowing and visiting the household of a remnant of people that are now in their hour of divine release.

I keep hearing the Spirit of YAH say, the Prophets are coming:

  • to change the atmosphere,
  • to change the economy,
  • to change the weather,
  • to change the governmental system,
  • to change the spiritual climate,
  • to change the lives of the people,

because they are coming to speak what thus saith the LORD and the words they speak shall come to pass suddenly.

The words are bringing forth the will of YAH and there is a breakout of manifested miracles signs and wonders taking place as YAH puts His word in their mouths.

There are also Prophets being released to warn the people (like Nathan did David) of the evil they are doing and to give them space for repentance.

There is not any room for error in this hour concerning the Word of YAH.  It shall be exactly as He says.

There will be no sugar coating or smoothness, be it blessings or judgment, it must be spoken exactly as given.

I keep hearing there are no shortcuts to salvation or deliverance.  You can only be born-again through the acceptance of YESHUA as your savior, and in your ability to believe He is the Son of YAH, and in His death burial and resurrection!

You can’t come in any other way.

He said to teach the truth of the gospel and destroy the new age teaching that teach another gospel and another way to salvation.

He said to tell the preachers to preach the truth of the Word and stop compromising!

He spoke several names of spirits to pray and war against.  The demonic spirits YAH spoke are Bacchus, Dagon, Asmodee, Magi, Mammon, Jezebel/ Ahab, Belial and Leviathan.

He said to fight, take authority, and destroy the works of these that are controlling so many people in this hour.

Caution:  For those who are not spiritually mature or equipped to fight high-ranking principalities, powers, rulers of darkness or spiritual wickedness in high places, please don’t attempt to engage in this warfare.

Allow those who are spiritually prepared, authorized, skillful and mature to war against these demonic forces.

Many occurrences of nighttime visitations of angelic beings on assignment to bring a message from the LORD shall happen, along with an increase of nightmares, to bring fear to the people.

The mighty move of YAH will not be hindered by the forces of evil.

It is important that you pray and cover your mind before going to sleep, so that satan won’t influence your dreams.

He also told me to be aware of subtle forms of control and manipulation that will harm through Jezebel prophecies.

He said, people will attempt to control through prophetic words, by speaking things into existence that will occur to validate their gift, but they have a devious motive and that is to control a person’s life.

It’s a form of dependency they are trying to establish in the person life so that they can manipulate control over them.

All prophetic words that come to pass are not always YAH operating.  He said watch those who always want to tell you about other persons, and what they are speaking often, it’s not prophetic, but the releasing of a curse against a person to get you to remove people out of your life.

Watch those who have come into your life now, and it seems everybody else is either being removed or made to look bad.

Keep your eyes open and your ears clear, to hear what the Spirit is saying.  Watch those that are transforming themselves like angels of light, but attempting to make all others seem to be workers of darkness.

Let the Spirit of YAH lead you in every areas.  In all your ways acknowledge Him and let Him direct your paths.

He also said for leaders to be careful of allowing people to become too familiar so that they lose respect for you.

Once people lose respect, then they can no longer receive from you.  This is a growing problem in the Body of Christ, where people begin to say and do anything to leaders.

I can tell you from experience, that if you’re not careful, this can create major problems for you.

You have to keep boundaries of order, respect and honor intact, at all times.

For some reason, people don’t know how to sit down and eat with you and yet remain honorable to you.

Be alert concerning this, because once they dishonor you, or feel they can say anything to you, then they will discredit you and feel that you can’t discipline or correct them.

Keep your relationships in order!

This is a season of extreme instructions.  Make sure you listen carefully to what YAH is speaking to you.

Some things may be hard to receive, because He is correcting many errors and things which are out of order in our lives.

Little things that seem insignificant, will be important to Him, because it will be those things that are hindering us from fully receiving all He has for us.

Remember, it’s the little foxes that spoil the vine!

Make the necessary adjustments to your character, behavior and attitude, so that you can be consecrated, sanctified and righteous before YAH and the people.

Be holy because He is holy.

I heard,  “Make a difference and let your light shine before men.”

I’m praying throughout the day for different people and listening to see what YAH is speaking concerning them.

I’m also praying for the condition of the earth, the killings, the sickness, the governments, the world leaders, for the condition of lukewarmness and compromise and false doctrines in the Body of Christ.

I’m praying that there be a great shaking that will awaken us, because the people are consumed by sleep and slumber and have become deaf and dumb to the enemies plots.

Too many are being ensnared in the traps of satan and being pulled into his schemes and overtaken by his wicked devices.

I’m praying that their minds will be set free from demonic influence and that the umbilical cords to sin operating in their lives are cut, severed and burnt, unable to reattach to them.

It’s time for true, real and uncompromising deliverance to happen and people get genuinely set free!

Whom the Son makes free, is free indeed!

Pray, Intercede, Decree, Declare and stand strong in the power of YAH might putting on the whole armor of YAH so you can stand against the wiles of the devil.

It’s time to get right people for real!


~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and is on a mission, travelling the world, proclaiming the Gospel, for souls to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has life mandate to help bring others to their divine purpose.

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