A Crimson Wave Is Breaking Forth Upon the Earth


A crimson wave is breaking forth upon the earth in this hour and a great light is piercing the darkness of the kingdom of the beast!

Early hours of this morning, I was woken from a deep sleep, where I had an Angelic encounter, with an Angel dressed in a Crimson garment.

The garment looked alive; it moved almost in wave like motions.  He wore a crown of radiant rainbow colours upon his head, and in his hand he carried a large sealed scroll which was inlaid with silver and gold.

In an instant, I found myself standing high above the Earth.  Then the Angel spoke to me and said “Watch.”

Suddenly, the Heavenly realms opened and millions upon millions of angelic beings appeared, dressed in deep crimson garments and carrying scrolls of silver and gold.

Now by divine revelation, I understood that these were ‘Angels of Revelation.‘  These were the same angels dressed in crimson robes that stood next Jesus as He hung on the Cross at Calvary, and the scrolls that they carried, was sealed with the Word and Testimony of Jesus Christ.

Then the angel who was with me, spoke again and said these words to me,

“Servant now Go, and Tell God’s people to WATCH!

For in this hour and season there shall come a mighty wave, a ‘Crimson Wave of Salvation and Redemption Revelation,’ upon the Earth.

For the time is short and the time is now.  He is coming quickly to gather the harvest!”

At that moment, I watched closely as millions upon millions of angels dressed in crimson robes and carrying the Revelation of Salvation and Redemption Power, descended upon the earth.  Like mighty wave after mighty wave, they broke forth upon the nations of the Earth.

I saw the nations of America, India, Australia, Europe and China.  I watched as the mighty waters rose high into the air and like a tsunami of blood.

I watched as nations were turned blood red.  Then the angel suddenly left me!

Then I heard the Spirit say, “Behold, My “Radiant Ones” are arising, adorned with the Light of My Glory and Redemption and they shall go forth, clothed in Royal garments of My Power and Great Authority to pierce, penetrate and push back the powers of the kingdom of the dragon”, says God.

“Beloved Watch!  For the Crimson Waters are Rising the tide has turned.  Now you shall see it.  A Crimson Wave of ‘Salvation and Redemption Revelation’ breaking forth upon the shores of nations of the Earth.

For even now I AM lifting the heavy veil of darkness and deception and I AM peeling back the scales of sorcery, witchcraft and religion that have kept My people blind, deaf and dumb,” says God.

“My Spirit of Truth and Light is shaking, shifting, lifting, changing and transforming the atmosphere of death, distress, destruction and confusion that has covered the earth like a thick fog,”  says God.

“Beloved, I AM re-tuning hearts and reawakening the spiritual senses of My people in this hour.  For there is a new movement and new vibration of My Spirit that will bring forth a divine alignment and re-calibration.

Now many will begin to hear a ‘new sound’ that is being released in the Heavenly realms.  It is the sound of Salvation, Redemption and Victory being carried in Winnowing Whirlwinds of My Spirit”,  says God.

“LISTEN!  In this season, Heaven heralds the release of My Angels of Revelation and the sound of a New Birth, New Life and a Great Harvest upon the Earth,” says God.

“And they overcame him because of the Blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their testimony, and they did not love their life even when faced with death,”   Revelation 12:11.


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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