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A Cry of, “Let My People Go!” Across The Nations — 6 Comments

  1. Veronica, you used the words “Divine rescue underway” Either Johnny Enlow or Hank kunneman used those very same words.  It is divine because unless He build the house we labor in vain.

  2. Hi Veronica. I’ve been waiting for this Word since last year when you briefly mentioned it.
    It was seven years ago “NOW” that I screamed “I CHOOSE JESUS CHRIST!!” At which point I was stripped of everything and led through the “Depths of the Shadows”!! The Fiery Furnace of the “Seven Times Hotter!!”
    To be honest, there were days (and many many dark nights) when I literally wanted to simply sleep and not wake up…but I pressed through and I MADE IT!! (I believe I was carried…quite often) But as a result my Rewarder has literally become my Reward, and there is nothing and no one who can compare!!
    I’m more grateful than words can possibly express for the beautiful people who offered me a cool drink in this very dry desert…thank you Veronica!! God bless!!

  3. My wife and I have been blessed for years now from what the Lord has given you for the world and we pray that way thank you The Lord had me write a book , The Vietnam inside of me ! If you would like a book let me know ?

  4. Vision of rainbow, stairway of living stones. T.R.U.M.P tree, 7-Spirit whirlwind and New Kingdom Reformation – Veronika West, Posted March 18, 2021
    also see David T Lamb below
    “The cyclone has caused unusually high tides off the Queensland coast all the way down to the NSW mid north coast, as well as strong waves that swept a man’s ute into dangerous surf off Rainbow Beach near Gympie on Tuesday. 2 days ago”
    There was a sign: “The passing away of Marcus Lamb”
    There was a sign: Dr Lamb was left out of the list of contributors (124) to the Baker Illustrated Bible Dictionary
    A sign of the church without a cross
    “Unfortunately, my name was omitted from the contributors, an error that should be corrected for the next printing.”

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