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A Divine Separation and Radical Shift Over the Nations — 8 Comments

  1. “But fear not! For sudden death and destruction shall come upon them without remedy and without rescue.

    For I shall not be mocked and My Righteous shall not be put to shame”. VWest

    GOD.isn’t surprise 2c TURN of horrible events on Wed 1.6.21 after VP Pence announced and DECLARE President elect Joe Biden 2b the NEXT POTUS riots erupted pro TRUMP supporters mob STORM in Capitol Hill. 5 dead including a Capitol police worker and over 55 arrests. Yes. I agree spirits of divination – witchcraft, & the spirit of Jezebel played key roles on the day electoral college votes were in process. GOD WILL NOT BE MOCK I DO BELIEVE B4 THE INAUGURATION ANOTHER SIEGE will take placed. The wheels of power and CONTROL are minimum…these vile acts is RACIAL it’s ALL about fear and intimation.

  2. Johnnie Enlow prophesied this was the time of Nahum.  Both destruction on the strongholds of the enemy as represented by Nineveh and the goodness of God towards his people.  I have been praying through Nahum for the last couple of weeks.  In Nahum 2:1 God is called “the one who scatters.”

  3. I pray that my country Canada, aligned with CCP under the government of Justin Trudeau, will be given God’s mercy and a rising holy determination by Christians to influence The public square to reject his leadership in agreement with biblical principles so this nation is blessed again with freedom and grace.

  4. Amen to Veronica West and Mark Roberts.  Great analogy of the Tower of Babel and the New World Order.  The Lord showed me in 2021 Babylon will fall!!!

  5. A Biblical precedent for the Lord scattering the nations, as given in this word, was found at Babel. The agenda at Babel was to establish an ungodly world order, which the globalists are attempting to do again today. The Tower of Babel is one of the main emblems of the EU. The unravelling should continue there, as other nations join the UK in leaving, and, I believe, come into joint alignment with President Donald Trump’s freed America.

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