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  1. Thank you Stephen! I pray I am rapture ready when the Lord return. I do not want to be left behind. My faith is always being tested. I cannot say that I have pass every test. Yet, God deliver me! As of date I am on task. God is keeply me daily. I lead individuals in to truth of the Word of God as you do. I find myself living that exact Word as I continue to live that Word of God no matter what! Good and bad times! God has put me in places to be a blessing to others. I am passionate about my life loving people of all races giving the gospel for His glory! As I do this my life is changing daily for His glory. I understand I am holding destiny in my belly for His glory even the more! My eyes are on Jesus yet the tests sometimes get harder. He continue to perfect that which concern me.I just want to one day hear Jesus say well done my faithful servant. Because truly all that He has bless me with and blessing me continually to bless others. I just want to see His face in the end. Thank God the end is not yet! God truth is so good! God is so faithful! Stephen we need more examples like your self with hard core truth of the Gospel. Your Words from the Lord has brought all of this truth out of me. I thank God! I thank you! I am now ready even the more to continue to pass tests. The word I have to preach from our Lord tomorrow morning has come alive even the more reading truth you and Dr.June posted. I pray God bless your ministry and everything about you.Man of God. In Jesus name.Amen. Apostle Johnson,Dr.

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