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A Door of Deliverance Stands Open Before the United Kingdom! — 1 Comment

  1. 09/10/18 – Sharing HIS call with You Veronika. SHALOM in YAWEH.!
    This morning early hours in my 1st PRAYERS session, THE FATHERS SHOW ME 2 SCRIPTURES, THEY SAY, meditate on them, and receive it as things soon to come. I went to my secret place room and THEY SAY, rest, think, prepare as it’s coming for several places in America, Israel, but extending for the whole world. THIS MY SAY HASHEM TOLD ME, THEN YHAWEH SAYS BE READY FOR FRESH NEW ASSIGMENT A-SHORTLY. Then I read the full SCRIPTURES 3 MORE TIMES, meaning other previous MSGES IN THE HOLY GHOST PRAYERS REVELATION, that must be close events in hours short time, not lengthy assumptions, as was crystal and transparent events, that we must be ready with full & total repentance and surrendering TO THE FATHERS GLORY WITH REAL COMMUNION TO THEM AND CERTAINLY SERVING THE HOLY PRAYERS IN THE SPIRIT. The SCRIPTURES are JN 17 & DT 13. Scripture’s and the NUMBERS are real factors or TRUE PROPHECY. TRUST THE FATHERS and Prepare Yourselves by submitting CONFESSIONS in true humility and SURRENDERED to OUR FATHERS. SHALO to Your hearts all. IN YESUS NAME,,,!
    As we can see the storm in SE USA it’s touching several revel pieces of lands and territories for the latest events and full cleansing even territories that been revels in their entire lives, residentially in their flesh and soul in that part of this earth. MORE STORMS OF ALL TYPES ARE DUE SOON. Shalom with a true WARNING, unless YOU ARE WITH HIM. AMÉN.

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