A dose of Year End truth

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Hold the Mirror to yourself!

You know that “residue,” you say you are getting rid of, by going to another ministry, getting another mentor, moving to another place, is yet still there?  The people were never the problem.  You been leaving residue for twenty years everywhere you go!  The same problems, keep coming up.

Sometimes what we blame on others, are the problems and issues we won’t face up to, and get rid of out of ourselves.

You don’t need another prayer line conference, call prophecy, or having yourself anointed with oil.  You need a fast, an altar, and somebody to reach down in your belly in the Spirit, and pull loose and cast those ancient prehistoric spirits out of you, that are anchored inside you.

We always want to blame others, for what we are not willing to go through, the process and conquer.  For real, if you are always losing friends and nobody can get along with you for long, your name is always in mess, you can’t never stay at a ministry long, then you need to go to the store and get a mirror that magnifies your image, because you not seeing the real problem good enough.

It’s time for some to just face the facts.  You need deliverance, but it will never happen as long as you keep handing your mirror to somebody else!

Don’t get it twisted!

“Mine” –  isused to refer to a thing or things belonging to or associated with the speaker.

“My” – to announce or claim something as your personal property.

“Saying, touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm,”   1 Chronicles 16:22.

Many persons use this scripture reference:

  • to justify themselves when they are doing wrong and get caught,
  • when they want to lord it over the people, as if they are a god,
  • when somebody does something they don’t like,
  • hen they want to cause the people to fear them,
  • when they don’t want anybody to question or challenge their actions,
  • when they want God to punish those that oppose them.

They used this scripture as a weapon of manipulation to dominant and control people.

Many quote it when their pride makes them think that they are allotted special treatment because of their titles.

Most Apostles and Prophets use it to control those in their care.  The problem with it being used in these ways is two words MINE and MY.

This passage of scripture is brought to pass from these two requirements.

First you have to have a association a relationship with God beyond just operating in gifts and seeking Him a few days out the year.

Second you must belong to Him.  There must be a commitment from you and a yes vow that is unbreakable.

Some people are trying to quote this scripture for their own selfish benefit, but they are not in a true relationship with God and they are not His own!

I’m just saying, before you quote scripture make sure you are living it obeying it and walking it!!!  You have to meet the requirements in order for the word to work for you!

The Lord  is not obligated to take care of you, if you out of order, in sin, disobedient, rebellious.  It’s just His grace and mercy that you have not been consumed in your iniquities and sins.

Don’t get it twisted.  God will protect provide and make provision for His own, but He is not obligated to do that for those that are not living for Him!

Prophets – when to remain silent

Prophets, if you start off a prophecy with “I THINK GOD IS SAYING,” then it’s no need of you saying it.

Until you are sure that it’s the voice of God speaking to you, then you need to zip those lips.

One thing I do know, is that the word of God, be it in written or prophetic form, is sure precise and without flaws!  If you have to guess figure out, presume or be uncertain, then be quiet.

It’s best not to speak then to say something that you are not sure of because you don’t know whose voice you are hearing.

Five kinds of Prophets I’m seeing plenty of these days are:

  1. Information Prophets –   They speak what they have heard or been told.  Dangerous because gossip lies and slander can be involved.
  2. Emotions Prophets –   They speak from the facial expressions they perceive.  Dangerous because what you looking at may not be how they are truly feeling.
  3. Soulish Prophets –   They probe your soul to get information then speak from your desires.  Dangerous because what’s in your desires are not necessary God’s will.
  4. Behavior Prophets –   They speak from your outer reactions to the word they watch how you give and how you conduct yourself in the service.  Dangerous because a person praising crying and giving may not even be saved or blessed by God.
  5. Out of Order Prophets –   They don’t care if they hear God or not they just want to prophesy and get recognition and monetary gain.  They all over the place and they work in the combination of the other four I mention.  Dangerous because they operate in familiar spirits divination lack of wisdom disobedient rebellious gift gone wild attitude.

True Prophets don’t operate in anything but the Spirit of The Lord.  They don’t look for anything but the approval of God and won’t speak unless they are absolutely sure it’s God talking to them.

A dose of Year End truth 

Every year about this time, people suddenly begin to want to be holy and righteous.  They feel like it’s the end of the year and they need to somehow earn some kind of brownie points with The Lord so that they can get blessed next year.

They go through the same rituals that they do every year at this time.  They go through an “I’m sorry,” they fast a few days, they start giving a few dollars, and become dedicated to church services.  They do whatever they think will cause God to extend a blessing.

They have no true desire to change.  They don’t want to turn from their wickedness.  They are not even sincere about wanting The Lord, they just want to be materially blessed.  All year long, they have walked in rebellion and disobedient, seldom attending church, didn’t pray, didn’t seek for a relationship.

It’s time to get a relationship for real with The Lord!  Why go through an end of the year ritual and you know you’re not serious about wanting to live for The Lord?

What is so crazy, is that you go through all that and no know that God is only seeing your heart.  He knows you don’t truly mean what you are doing, but you are doing what you are doing to get Him to bless you.  This is the time many look for Prophets, to speak a word to them to make them feel good, and this is the time that greed takes over the hearts of those Prophets not sold out to God.  Those who say anything to get the people to sow a seed.

This time of year irritates me spiritually, because of all the lies deception greed manipulation that is displayed.  Instead of having altar calls and praying, the people through to true repentance and deliverance, many churches uses this time of year to get as much monetary gain they can from the people.

They know many will give guilt offerings right now, and they take advantage of it instead of telling them the truth that they can’t buy God’s favor or blessing.

This month, they are repenting and trying to get favor.  Next month, they will jump on the Daniel fast and give a first fruit offering, but won’t change, won’t form a real relationship with The Lord, won’t come to church no more after the twenty one day fast.

They will hear the same prophesies they heard last year that didn’t come to pass then, and unless they truly change and get their life together, the prophesies won’t come to pass this year either.

Preachers, it’s time to tell the people the truth.  Stop lying to them and let them know that they must change their ways get their life together turn from their wicked ways and seek The Lord with their whole heart!


~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and she is on a mission travelling the world proclaiming the Gospel for soul to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has a mandate on her life to help brings others to their divine purpose.

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