A Dream About America’s Future


In a dream about America’s future, I saw two roads: one that leads to life, the other that leads to death!

America, which will you choose this day?

I had a dream a couple of nights ago that deeply impacted my spirit, it left me crying out to God for His mercy to make a way for the future generations of all Americans.

Now I must be honest and say, I was unsure whether or not to share this dream with you, but as I prayed over it, I felt to share it because I believe it has a simple and yet very significant prophetic meaning behind it.

In this dream, I found myself standing at a crossroads, where I was surrounded by thousands of people who were also standing at the same crossroads.  In front of us stood two roads, to my right was a road called ‘Republican Road / 2020‘ and to my left was a road called ‘Democratic Road / 2020‘.

Now instinctively and prophetically in this dream, I knew that both of the roads in front of me related to the on- going [US] presidential elections, and the numbers 2020 represented two things.

The first meaning was the ‘year 2020’ (the future).

The second was that God was about to give to me in the dream and the American people in the days ahead, 20/20 vision/clarity and insight, concerning their future and the road in which they must chose to journey down in the days ahead.

As I looked at both of the roads in front of me, I felt a deep sense of urgency within my spirit to choose a road and too choose it very carefully and very wisely.  I knew that my final decision would greatly impact and influence my faith, my own future and the future of the next generation.

Now in the dream, the atmosphere around me was filled with great fear, confusion, double mindedness and indecision.  My mind seemed drawn in one direction, but my heart/ spirit was drawn in the other direction.

There seemed to be a fierce battle going on between what my heart/ spirit was discerning and what my mind was thinking, and adding further to my dilemma, I had so many voices which seemed to scream out to me.  The thoughts and opinions of others kept going around and around in my head.

I felt a deep sense of urgency and desperation for greater clarity, understanding and supernatural wisdom, to make the right decision and to do it quickly.

In the dream, I knew that the time was short and remaining at the crossroads was not an option for me.  I had to make a decision, and I had to begin to move!

Then suddenly in the dream I heard a voice that said, “Come, follow me and I will reveal to you what the future may hold.”

I immediately stepped out and followed the sound of the voice, which took me down the road to my left which was called “Democratic Road / 2020.”  As I began to walk down Democratic Road, the first thing I noticed was that the road I was walking on looked well travelled and the tarmac on the road looked very old, well worn and not very well maintained.

Now as I lifted my head, I saw a long row of houses on either side of the road, so I continued walking until I came upon the first house in the long row of houses.  To my surprise, the first house looked very old, shabby and extremely run down.

I noticed that the small garden at the front of the house looked so unkept and really neglected.  Then suddenly something caught my eye.  I noticed that the house had a large sign upon its front door that read, ‘Death.’  On seeing this word upon the door, I decided to quickly move on.

Soon I came upon a second house along the road and again I noticed that it too had a sign written upon its door which read, ‘Destruction,’ and again I decided to move on quickly.

Not long went by and I came upon a third house and it too had a sign that hung upon its door which read, ‘Bloodshed and Murder.’  immediately I looked across the road to other side where there were also houses, and to my surprise, I noticed that there too were words written upon all the doors.

I saw a house called, ‘Free Abortions and Planned Parenthood‘, another house called ‘No Freedom of Speech‘, and another ‘No Freedom of Faith‘, and then another, ‘Famine, Sickness and Disease‘ and yet again another house that was called, ‘Debt, Bondage and Bankruptcy.’

Wherever I looked as walked down Democratic Road / 2020 there were signs pertaining to ‘death and destruction.’  The spiritual atmosphere in that place was so thick, heavy, dark and suffocating.

I decided to stop and not to venture any further down the road.  I turned and I ran back down Democratic Road / 2020 until I got back to where I had started at the crossroads.  Immediately I felt like a heavy weight had been lifted off of my shoulders, a great sense of relief and release filled my heart and my mind.

Then suddenly, for a second time, I heard a voice that said, “Fear not!  Come follow me and I will reveal to you what the future may hold.”

I followed the sound of the voice just as I did before, but this time it took me down ‘Republican Road / 2020‘, where immediately my eyes were drawn to the road that I was walking upon.  I noticed that this road was much less travelled, and the tar that was upon the road looked new and was very well maintained.

As I looked up, just as before I could see a long row of houses standing on either side of the road.  Now as I approached the first house along the road, again I saw a large sign post that hung upon the door which read, ‘Life.’

immediately I felt drawn to go inside, but I felt compelled to keep walking.  Now as I got to where the second house was, again I saw that words were written upon the door which read, ‘Restoration and Renewal.’

Now I began to get really excited, so I quickly continued down to a third house along the road and sure enough, it too had words written upon the door which read, ‘Freedom, Faith and Fortitude.’

Then I walked to the next house which was called, ‘Restitution and Justice.’  Then I turned and again I looked across the road to the houses that stood opposite and they too had names written upon all the doors.

I saw the words, ‘Vindication and Victory‘, ‘Prosperity and Purpose‘, ‘Growth and Generosity‘.  Wherever I looked, up and down the street I was surrounded by words of life and liberty.

At that point in the dream I shouted out, “This is the land of promise and abundance.”

I just knew that this was God’s place for me.  This was all that I had asked for, cried out for, and dared to hope and believe for.  This was the desire of my heart.  This was a place where my faith could fly, this was where God would have me live.

The dream ended!

Now friends, as I have continued to pray over this dream, I have been lead to remain standing in the gap for the American people.

Through prayer, God has revealed the names of many demonic doors and strongholds (houses) that are open in this nation and that need to be dismantled and closed with through the power of prayer and agreement.

I believe God in His grace and mercy is revealing to many that the road less travelled is indeed the road that will lead to new life and promise.  This is a time of great testing for the nation of America.

Question:   In this season, will the American choose to turn away from that which is familiar and predictable, leaning no longer on their own understanding, but choosing to step out into an unknown place trusting that God has already gone ahead of them to prepare a safe and secure dwelling place for them and their children?

Now I humbly submit this dream, which I feel is both poignant and prophetic.  This is a dream that I submit for careful and prayerful consideration.

I believe God is speaking so loud and so clear to His people in this hour.  He says “Fear not!  Trust only in Me.  

This day, choose life, restoration, renewal, restitution, justice, vindication and victory and I will surely deliver you from the pit of destruction and devastation!”

I say humbly, its time to move away from the crossroads of indecision, double mindedness and confusion and move towards the road that leads to life, liberty, justice and victory.

This day choose life, choose to walk down ‘Republican Road / 2020‘.


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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A Dream About America’s Future — 5 Comments

  1. Both roads lead to the same place. A financial breakdown leading to an attempt to restore the world then the Anti Christ is revieled.

  2. This is powerful and true. All we have to do is look at the platforms of each party to know one is for life and one for death. Please Father God, turn the hearts of the masses toward Life.

  3. Great and powerful revelation from GOD through a dream !
    Yesterday the Lord gave a confirmation to this, and surely, I could not know that you dreamed this recently. Your post today surprised me really.
    Veronika, I dared to share this on my google+ page and added the picture I took at sundown yesterday. There is much revelation in these days of Rosh Hashana 5777… All glory be to GOD !

  4. i had something very similar happen to me during the last election; i knew Trump would be running in this election; the Lord showed me; He wont let Hillary Clinton in office. He is very adamant about that. Thank you so much for allowing the confirmation of the Lord come thru you to me.
    There are alot of Americans that are disgusted with the way things are, as I am sure you know.
    Faith and Trust. G