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A Dream About America’s Future — 6 Comments

  1. America, now you are in the year 2020. choose life, restoration, renewal, restitution, justice, vindication and victory and He will surely deliver you from the pit of destruction and devastation!”

  2. i had something very similar happen to me during the last election; i knew Trump would be running in this election; the Lord showed me; He wont let Hillary Clinton in office. He is very adamant about that. Thank you so much for allowing the confirmation of the Lord come thru you to me.
    There are alot of Americans that are disgusted with the way things are, as I am sure you know.
    Faith and Trust. G

  3. Great and powerful revelation from GOD through a dream !
    Yesterday the Lord gave a confirmation to this, and surely, I could not know that you dreamed this recently. Your post today surprised me really.
    Veronika, I dared to share this on my google+ page and added the picture I took at sundown yesterday. There is much revelation in these days of Rosh Hashana 5777… All glory be to GOD !

  4. This is powerful and true. All we have to do is look at the platforms of each party to know one is for life and one for death. Please Father God, turn the hearts of the masses toward Life.

  5. Both roads lead to the same place. A financial breakdown leading to an attempt to restore the world then the Anti Christ is revieled.

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