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A Dream of the Coming Darkness — 3 Comments

  1. As the Bride of Christ (His true church) is beginning to form within private homes, the harlot church (legalistic yet scripturally watered down organizations (churches ) are becoming the “dark cloud” of an invasive army.
    We need to pray w/o ceasing and continue to listen to the voice of the Lord.
    He saves. He protects. He lives. He is our only hope.
    He is our Light! HE IS LORD!

  2. Thank you for posting.  It helps interpret a dream I had a few months ago.  (I just heard now heard in my spirit: God is preparing you)

    In my dream, I saw that water had risen up to our chins.  We have five members in our family, one is an adult and was not there.  All of our faces were bent down in the water as if we were unconscious.  Then suddenly, I lifted my head up and could hear the water off my head dripping, with what seemed like a rather disturbingly lonely sound upon the water around us.  Just as I lifted up my head and was aware of our circumstances, I heard a loud knock on the door and authoritative voices (police) loudly asking if anyone was in there.  Instinctively, I put my head back down into the water to appear unconscious. 

    I do feel that these event are still in the future.  I do think, we are being prepared.  I keep thinking I need to be volunteering my time somewhere, but all I hear from God is read scriptures and be generous.

    My own speculation is that this may occur within Trumps last year in office.  Some of us we will need to be ready/prepared spiritually and mentally to help those that will have a hard time processing whats happening. 

    The Greenbrier is so beautiful and historic.  Grateful for the opportunity to visit there many years ago.

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