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False Prophets, Prophets, and Prophets in Training — 15 Comments

  1. Good teaching Abel!
    When I left Facebook and went on truth, I was suddenly aware of the many many many Christians in America, who have no clue about the prophetic and have been taught that it isn’t for today. There is a huge church out there that needs the truth.
    I wrote on 1 Kings eg. if interested see
    Hope you & family are doing well! Blessings

  2. Very good teaching.

    I believe the Lord is desiring many ‘Prophets in training’ to be raised up but discernment is critical. Thank you for the way you have clearly explained the differences.

    The body of Christ needs to not only be open to the prophetic but they also need to have understanding of how it works and they too, must discern for themselves the words they hear, personally and corporately. There is much for the body of Christ to grow up into, so much of the 5 fold ministries has been dumbed down or not taught at all.
    Teach us oh Lord.

  3. What a very timely word and teaching dear Abel. SO well spoken with clarity that truly opens up our understanding. May we all embrace the fear of the Lord and tremble at His word. Thank you so much for sharing this in the hour of such great deception, control and witchcraft when all men seem to be voicing their opinions as manipulation is viral and many are being deceived. Blessings, brother Abel, Sandi Holman

  4. Yes and amen.  A common thing I hear regarding prophets is that all may prophesy, in a manner of disregarding prophets with a calling.  Or that very verse used to say, there are no prophets in the New Testament time, or there is a difference between Old Testament prophets and New Testament. This has always sounded weird to me. I appreciate how you’ve laid out these things. thank you

  5. What The LORD was showing to prophets and what prophets was seeing and understanding of what The LORD was showing him in his heart were in sync.
    this is one of the keys ,Understand God’s will and obey God’s voice is Very important.

  6. Thank you so much for explaining that – so many Christians (like me) believe there are only two types of prophets – a true prophet or false prophet but you have clarified it very well

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