A Haughty Spirit


You come here and you think you know what the messenger would like you to talk about.  You start.  And after you’re into it a good ways, He, suddenly decides, that this is not the topic for the moment.  Erase it, and start over.

Now, don’t think I don’t question the decision sometimes; but not for long.  I’ve learned that the Spirit will do such things sometimes, just to see if we are willing to follow Him.  My questions pass; He, is the leader.

I’ve seen our people here in this land, become very arrogant and even hateful over the past years.  No one should tell me that we have not become harder, and more haughty; because we have.  I never thought this would happen on such a grand scale in many of our churches, but it has.  Somebody, led us to believe that we were better than everybody else; we were the greatest country and we were far above every other place in the world.  And many of us thought we were much holier than everyone else.  We weren’t.

One of the signs of the last days, is the condition of people being very “unthankful.”  This idea that everyone else was wrong and we were the only ones right, crept in subtly; even in the church.

I just visited a country where everything is going great.  With the help of others, including us, they rebuilt themselves after the entire country had been destroyed.  They really got it going now; things have never been better.  What do you think has happened, and in a very short time?  They have become so arrogant and haughty, and they really take things for granted; they don’t remember less.

Cold. Indifferent; thinking only of themselves.  The spirit in these people is crushing; such a change, in such a short time.  It seems that when things are really going well, we humans think we no longer need God.  That’s a terribly strong spirit that is being seen and felt, all over the world now. In airports, in churches, in the grocery stores, in restaurants and in so many schools and homes.

So why be so concerned about it?  Because, a haughty spirit leads to a fall.  We here, have been falling for a long time; most of our people don’t even realize just how much we’ve been sinking.

Oh, I hear the voices right this minute saying this is negative talk and we should think positive.  Thinking positive, also includes being real and seeing things as they actually are.  One of the things that Jesus Christ told us to do the most often, was “to watch.”

Too many of us thinking we are something, when we are nothing.  God never said we should not have pleasures; what kind of Creator would put us here and have us always live in a state of despair and never have any fun.  He wants us to be happy.  However, one other sign of the last days, is loving pleasures, more than God.

Why can’t we get this harshness, out of our voice and out of the things we write.  Does anyone understand, that to be indifferent, is very haughty.  So many do not care what you say; it does not move them; they could care less; including many who say they are filled with the Holy Ghost.

Don’t try to warn them, in any kind of way; they are above that kind of thing.  That’s haughty; in the worse kind of way.  Not seeking to follow the leading of the Spirit, is haughty.  The idea that anyone can control the moving of the Spirit, and place themselves in such grand authority, can only bring a fall.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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