A Man Without Altar, Has A Short Life

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Dimensions of Warfare

What you are fighting, or what is fighting against you, has two paradigms.

Warfare secrets demand your knowledge of the terrain, for every battle is fought and won in both ‪the Spiritual and ‪Physical realms.  Your Spiritual Oppressor also becomes your physical attacker.

Rees HowelsDuring the Second World War, as it was being fought, a few religious leaders understood the spiritual dimension of Adolf Hitler.  As the British fought, the great Intercessor Rees Howels assembled like-spiritual intercessors who engaged Hitler in the spiritual realms.

It was a corresponding action to maintain the survival of boots on the ground and determine victory; that is how Hitler was done.

I pray for your eyes to be open in view of your financial struggles, your cycle of misfortunes, diseases, breakups, pains, rejections and all things working against.  May you receive the intelligence to profile your adversary and counter attack.

Pray WITHOUT Ceasing!

While it was still dark, the LORD escaped to a solitary place and there, He prayed.  Peter and those who were with him began looking for Him and when they found him, they told him How others who were in need were searching for him.

Prayer is the heart of Ministry, the needs of the nation were centered on the LORD as he developed prayer posture.

Note that Peter searched for him but even more incredible was that Peter brought along messages of those who were also looking for him, Mark 1:37.

Prayer will locate you for people, both your helpers and those in need of your help.  No one rises above their prayer patterns.

Quantity matters when it comes to offering prayer sacrifices.  Yes – you have heard right,  ‪Quantity it has to be intense without ceasing.

Before I prophesy for helpers to locate you, I call you to the ‎Garden of prayer Sacrifice.

More prayers more attacks but essentially more ‎Victory, more ‪Prosperity, more ‪Peace and more ‪Voice.

A Man Without Altar, Has A Short Life

Sacrifice is a way of communion and communication to God.  

He smells and receives the aroma of every good sacrifice and binds by it to covenantly bless the genuine giver.

He did it to Abraham.  He accepted what Abel offered.  People like Solomon ‪prospered because of life and heart they did offer to Elohim and I can not mention many many men and women who placed something on the ‪‎altar and how God responded to bless them with ‎our generation in mind.

A man without altar, has a short life.  He has no ground on earth, or higher heavens.

It is very important you live a life of sacrifice, because somehow, somewhere, you benefit from the sacrifice others have made.

The wooden bed you are sleeping on, has a story of sacrifice behind it; somebody prepared the ground and planted a tree.  It waited for years to produce timber and what you have now is a magnificent art work of a carpenter.

But here, you begin to see the process of sacrifice and patience therein, but the final product even speak louder.

In a spiritual sense; work on the foundational requirements.

Prayer and fasting is investment, and the future gains reserved are no match to the temporal pain at the moment.

The Spiritual toils Abraham made are only clear and of significance today, rather than when he lived.

We are here in this spiritual land because Abraham felt the pain of leaving his abode to figuratively show what the church ought to be doing.

Today, you have no choice.  You must be a priest and as such, you have what to offer and do it with all your heart.


~ Prophet Peter Odhiambo

Prophet Peter OdhiamboProphet Peter Odhiambo of Heart Revival Network International, Kenya is a Prophetic End-Time Minister of the Gospel, preaching in Crusades and open air Revival meetings. The LORD continues to show him the apostasy in the Church and the need to prepare the Bride, fit for the Wedding of the Lamb, as in Revelation 19:7-8.

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