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A More Sure Word — 3 Comments

  1. The sure word isn’t the scriptures. Its revelation straight from the the throne room that can only come from a relationship. It’s the rock Jesus said he’d build his church on.

  2. Bro Ken you and Sis Celeste will always remain with highest regard and honor in my life.  I remember all the years ago when you’ll took the time to communicate with me. Also the times of intercessory prayer calls, I was privileged to be involved with your ministry in for a few times.
    Your words always remain solid, and rooted and grounded in the faith! May God pour out to you His richest blessings for your faithfulness.
    Joyce McGuire. If you remember me, you provably remember me as Joyce or(Joy) Graham. My husband passed away. Eventually I took my maiden name back.

  3. Thank you Prophet Ken for this Holy Spirit led message. The Holy Bible is so vast with Holy Spirit inspired words that can only be understood by the HOLY SPIRIT & not through any personal/private interpretation. This is why i always invite the HOLY SPIRIT to TEACH ME GOD’ WORDS. 
    Apart from the out of context issue, i also have the problem of understanding other BIBLE VERSION/TRANSLATION outsude NEW KING JAMES VERSION(NKJV). As a result, I always go back to study that same quoted words with the help of the Holy spirit using the NKJV. Other times, the Holy spirit would ask me to read the WHOLE CHAPTER FOR DEEPER MEANING. This is a personal opinion please.
    May the HOLY SPIRIT help us all with deeper understanding of the Holy Bible.

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