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  1. Thank you for your follow-up letter and your commitment to stand behind this article.  I cannot personally speak to the truth of all the detailed information in it.  That is for others to know or decide.  But the overall understanding of what God is proclaiming to the nation through Trump is as clear and accurate as any word could be.

    I would declare this article is dripping and oozing “prophetic” through all its pores. The phrase that is arresting and supernaturally potent to me is when Trump is referred to as “dangerous to the entrenched interests.”  This is exactly what the Spirit of God is up to (among other things) in this day.  I cannot help but think of the day when Jesus arrived on the shores of the Gerasenes and faced down the legion of demons in the severely demonized man from the tombs.  These demons were not only entrenched in the man, but they were entrenched in the region.  As Jesus stepped up to cast them out they begged him not to send them “out of the area.”  They had a regional assignment to execute and were exceedingly reluctant to give it up.

    Jesus “stirred up a hornet’s nest” that day.  He dismantled the lies and deceptions that had permeated the spirit over that region.  When the demons transferred to the pigs and the pigs crashed to their deaths over the edge of the cliff, the locals begged Jesus to leave the region.  But Jesus left one man who had been set free behind in the midst of this mess to proclaim to his friends and family all over the region what Jesus had done for him.

    It was the same when, in Philippi, Paul cast the fortune-telling spirit out of the little girl that had been following him around for days.  As with Jesus and the man from the tombs, Paul not only set an individual person free, he also dismantled the spirit of the region.  The local businessmen were enraged as their financial schemes crumbled in that one brief moment.  And again, an entrenched demonic presence and strategy, was overturned, invalidated, as Jesus set people free (and established a church-planting movement in the area).  But those who had been tied firmly to entrenched interests were furious with rage.

    That is the prophetic significance of the words of this prophetic article.  Becoming “dangerous to entrenched interests” is a Kingdom call to God’s people.  As one other prophet has already spoken: “Trump is God’s trumpet.”  But it is not just about exposing a political system’s shortcomings and folly.  It is a trumpet blast to God’s people to remember that when the Kingdom comes near, it will always provoke ingrained, deep-rooted satanic strategies, and dismantle them, and it must press through the darkness of the deceptions, until it sets people free by the truth.

    Prophetic indeed.  Thank you.  (Sorry for the long response, just found myself stirred spiritually by the article.)

    • Dear Scott,
      Thanks and Amen!
      So glad you got the point.  The Lord only revealed it to me after it was posted.
      As always, your comments are on point, and are therefore never too long :)

      Blessings in Christ,

  2. Dear Readers,

    We have received an unpublished comment stating that this article is not prophetic.  In a sense, that is correct, which is why it was posted under the Christian Living Category.
    That said, this article is a clear prophetic indication for those who can read the signs of these times, that the Lord is absolutely in charge, and that all is happening under and according to, His control and timing. 
    It is clear that the powers behind the US government thought that they had it all under their control for the USA Election 2016, until Donald Trump stepped forward.  Then their schemes and machinations were publicly exposed, so that all can see that the Emperor has no clothes.
    Donald does not seem to be actively or overtly Christian these days, but his background is Presbyterian and the fruit which he is bearing – in exposing the wiles of the enemy – are clear to see.  Does not the Word says that by our fruit, we will be judged?
    Similarly, Kim Davis, who has also become a cause celebre, has equally been positioned by the Lord at this time to expose the unconstitutional and immoral actions of the US government and their blatant persecution of Christians and their total disregard for law or morality.  By her detention and the violation of her constitutional and legal rights, she has become a martyr for her faith and a rallying point for all those supporting Godly marriage.  This is quite the opposite of that which her judge and those persecuting her, planned.
    The hand of The Lord behind these people, is quite obvious.  This makes it prophetic.
    This article is for the sons of Issachar who have understanding of the times, to know what America ought to do. (Chronicles 12:32). 
    It is to show Christians in the USA that the Lord God is in charge, no matter what you may discern through fleshy eyes.  It is to show that PRAYER will make a difference to the coming times in the United States of America and that all Christians must pray for their land now, or lose it.

    Blessings in Christ,

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