A New Nation Under God!


I hear the LORD saying to many this morning,  “Untie the knots!  Bring forth the birth of a ‘new nation under God.’

Bow tie knots – bow to Me and I will unravel the secrets and lies against you.  The cords have been severed that have tied you up in knots.  Now, you are free of them forever!

Rescued by Me – out of darkness – for a mission!”

At this point, I saw people in a maze.  All kinds of cords restricted them and they looked very small compared to the size of the cords.   Some wore suits and they were on city streets, looking like business and professional people.  But they weren’t able to move or go far at all.

The voice of the LORD then said,

“This time it will come true to right, that this hesitation will fail and what has come against you, will fall.  The cords of destruction that had you tied up in knots and struggling to get free, are all disconnected and fallen to pieces!”

These cords are broken.  Bondages, piercings, damages, detractors, litigator’s lawsuits are being dropped.  Rages are being calmed.  Lessons are being learned and hearts are crying out to God himself for freedom from this torturous lifestyle.

And He will break the bondage of this sin and will free the prisoner from his past and will forge with him a new bond of passion – the love of a holy Father- in tune with his needs, in rhythm with his steps, caring for the minute details of his once miserable life – now freed- live like a free man!

I saw faces of many now with bright light on them, laughing and smiling and looking up!

Please receive this for yourself and on behalf of others, as we continue to pray for the Church, the Body of Christ, the army of God, the lost and tortured souls, and all whom God puts on our hearts to pray.

Go into this day feeling blessed and loved by a holy Father!


With Love and Belief,
~ Jill Steele

Jill SteeleJill Steele.   Truly, it’s not ‘About Me’, but has always been about Him.  I am a grateful, willing vessel, broken to be used.
My passion comes alive in writing, offering encouragement, sharing perspective on life, and pointing others in the direction of the Heavenly Father.
You may also follow Jill on her blog: SteeleFaith.com and GODsip.net

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