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  1. Dear Veronica,
    Thank you. Myself I have been so disappointed in this life; terribly; by those who were not who they purported to be. Thank you for opening the portal of deliverance from this earthly realm to the realms of glory .  Help us to take up those mmantles ; and sometimes the mantle of one
    “super hero” will be needed and then another, depending on the task at hand.
    Blessings, glory and honor to the lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.
    Thank you.

  2. Yes, a door stands open. 40 yrs ago I one morning woke up, it was a sunny day in spring and I thought I should go 2 the kitchen and make some coffee. But I couldn’t move since the surroundings suddenly disappeared and a warm sheet filled with electricity fell over my head and shoulders. The audible voice of God showed me the dream I had during the night and explained sentence by sentence what the dream meant. There’s a movement from God ahead and it comes with total dependency of every branch in the tree 2 be totally immersed in His word, that is Himself and your daily walk with Him : “Ur a branch in the tree, without Me U can’t do a thing”. That also means that with Him we can do all things.Thanx 4 you postings Veronica!

  3. I was just given Jeremiah 33. speaks to deeper revelation. I love it when god. gives me this chapter.. I get to hear secrets … I have seen in vision closet double door opening to librarys.. the books are dusty.. this is knowledge long forgotten. that god is opening to those he chose.  lost teaching are coming back to the bride…

  4. Veronika, Thank you for sharing. And taking the time to post on this website. We are Gods craftsmen-ship. He is preparing us for battle. Taking us to new levels. May the Lord’s will be on you continually.

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