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  1. In Luke 22:31, Jesus did not pray Peter out of his situation but through it. Noah was protected by the ark that he built according to God’s instruction and after the floods(tribulation) abated he and his family inherited the earth. Jesus told Nicodemus that no man ascended to heaven but he who came down from heaven even the son of man who is in heaven. Jesus speaking of himself as being from heaven and yet still in heaven said he was in heaven while still on the earth. That makes heaven not a “fat off place”, yet a realm or way of life. If the “saints” go to this far off place who then is left to teach? Revelation 12 indicated that the overcomers will feed the woman three and a half years. The woman is symbolically of the church, the church that did not produce fruit. Check out the book The Mind Of Christ by Ron Cargill Sr, found on Amazon. I believe you will enjoy this book very much! No doubt there is Babylon in the world but God said when I get Babylon out of you I will bless you.(CV) When he gets Babylon out the saints the world will follow….1 Timothy 2:4, 1 Corinthians 15:23. God has a better plan.

    • While I agree that revelation and understanding must come from the Holy Spirit, confirming what is true, your statement that book writing transgresses some spritual law would logically mean the the entire bible is meaningless.  God is endlessly creative and I see His continuing work through the various creative works of man.  Yes there are bad books, but there are also wonderful books that can deepen our insight of the heart of God.  Furthermore, if you do not know history (from books), you are doomed to misinterpret huge portions of the bible. I do believe the Canon is closed, ie the bible is complete and inspired.  However I do not believe God has ceased speaking throughout all of creation.  Even nature is screaming “wake up!”

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