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A Powerful Word for the Nation of Nigeria! — 16 Comments

  1. Glory alone be unto God Almighty for this prophecy over Nigeria.
    We pray that it will come to pass in Jesus Mighty Name for His Word is Yea and Amein.

  2. An awesome message for this nation.  As I read your words My thoughts went to the words; The Master Gardener walked among the trees of the garden, which were the nations of the earth.’ His Talit touched the nations’ and I receive this word not just for Nigeria but for all the nations who will pay heed to what you delivered through Holy Spirit.  Thank you, sister.

  3. This is the Word of the Lord for Nigeria indeed.
    We have waited for these Word, and it has come. Jesus Is Lord over our nation .
    The Cross indeed has come to triumph over the sword.

  4. Hallelyah ! Glory be to God in the highest. This is called ” Victory at last ” Thank God for answered Prayers, His Mercy & Favour , His servants, the intercessors. Thank you all. More Wisdom and Anointing.

  5. Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah
    The will of God may seem to be slow but will surely be established.
    Thank you Veronika i have almost given up on God.
    Yeshua be praised forever.
    Nigeria Nigeria Nigeria your time is come.

  6. O Lord, do it as you have said of nigeria. Many wickedness go unchallanged in this nation. Sins are even flowing freely in your church. Do wonders in the land and let praises be to you out of our pure hearts.

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