A Prayer for Divine Solutions


Father, I anticipate the good things You have prepared for me today.

Bring complete order to my day, to your people.  As we seek You first and make Your will our priority.

I rejoice in the new day You have given me.  I praise You for making it fruitful and productive.

Thank You for teaching me ways to increase my effectiveness to work smarter.

I work according to Your agenda and perform for an audience of one the LORD Jesus Christ.

Amen Amen and Amen HalleluYah!!!  Yes LORD!

I pray that every enemy to your destiny and purpose be revealed and exposed – that the veil would be removed and your eyes would be illuminated!

I declare that what was written in the volume of the books, your prophetic purpose and destiny will come into full manifestation without delay or interference.

I declare that divine timing, strategic relationships, open doors and favor in high places will manifest continually in your life.

I command divine solutions for every problem in your life to come forth and mountains to be moved in the name of Jesus!

You are more than a conqueror in Christ…..  YOU WIN – You are engineered for success!

LORD, I pray for all that you have connected to me for your purpose to be done.  Dispatch angels on their behalf to bring favor, provision, blessings and all that is needed for their success!

Convert their trials and tests to testimonies and triumph!  Bring the right people into their lift to bless them, to lift them and grant them the desires of their heart!

Let them know you intimately and reveal your glory to them.

I speak peace, provision and protection over them and their loved ones in Yeshua’s the anointed One’s name

LORD, bless the works of my hands.  Let my name be associated with good things.  Shield me from persecution and false accusations; guard me against greed, discouragement, and sabotage.

I welcome opportunities to grow and mature.  Let my actions be in sync with Your will.



~ Syreeta Thomas

Syreeta ThomasSyreeta Thomas



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