A Prayer for Healing, Today


Dear Abba,

Today I ask You to bless everyone on this list with more of your healing balm.  Those who need a touch from you whether it is to get emotional healing or physical healing, or deliverance, or all of the above, Lord would YOU pour down YOUR FIRE and burn up generational spirits, and spirits of infirmity, deaf and dumb spirits, and spirits of unbelief, hidden deep in our hearts, and destroy all that the enemy has come against us with.

Break the power of all witchcraft, divination or sorcery coming against anyone here or their families!

Break every lie or deception in our hearts and minds.  HEAL LORD !

I speak LIFE, LIFE, LIFE to every cell in their body, LIFE, LIFE, LIFE to every organ and body system and we command every system to come into the will of the Lord Jesus Christ.

I ask that any generational sins be forgiven Abba and that YOUR GREAT GRACE be given them.  Stir up the Spirit in them to be able to heal others more LORD.  RELEASE MIRACLES, as they reach out to others.  STARTLE them with Your GRACE love and power! In the name of JESUS, Amen !

Father we take authority over every infection, virus, abberrant bacteria, or fungus or parasite and command those invading cells to die in Jesus name!

We command Epstein Barr to die!  Hepatitis die!
Herpes to die!
AIDS to die!
XMRV has to die!
HPV to die!
We speak LIFE LIFE LIFE TO the T cells and B cell production in the these bodies to fight any invasion!

We speak life to the immune system, and ask You to destroy supernaturally all toxins in livers that are over burdened in Jesus name!

Break the power of death with Your love Abba! Pour out Your Tenderness in Jesus name!

RESTORE minds and hearts, and bodies to function better than before even.  RENEW OUR YOUTH LIKE THE EAGLES!

Break any curses off of anyone reading this, that have been assigned by witches and warlocks, or even church members walking in control witchcraft.

Scatter the enemy in seven directions and burn up occult spirits in JESUS name and every Spirit of disease, infirmity and sickness, or infection.

Lord, heal chronic illnesses, heal diabetes and all auto- immune diseases.

Heal eyes that have been damaged or aged. RESTORE RETINA’s, RESTORE any damage from diabetes to eye circulation.  Bind any spirits of divination that attack the eyes of the prophetic healers and intercessors LORD !   And we CAST THEM OUT in the name and blood of JESUS.

We break the power of any spirit of python or cobra trying to blind those who pray for the lost, the Muslims, and Hindu’s the Buddhists, and witches & warlocks, etc.  Break the power of any assignments that have come to shut up the prayers of the saints ABBA !

Open ears that cannot hear, break the power of ALL assignments of deaf and dumb spirits that try to keep people from hearing clearly, or communicating properly.

Destroy all UNBELIEF that has come through generations that did not serve you, but bowed to idols.

Forgive the generations LORD in our families and cast down all UNBELIEF in our hearts that YOU will come through for us.

In Jesus mighty name, amen !

We thank You that we can come to You and that You hear and heal!


~ Priscilla

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A Prayer for Healing, Today — 4 Comments

  1. Thank you Woman of God. This is a prophetic rhema prayer/word and it is well received. ALL IS WELL.

  2. Thank you Jesus for using your servant, I bow down to receive healing of my father and sisters, God I need you to intervene.Amen

  3. I thank God Sister for your obedience to publish this prayer for the body to read.  My newborn granddaughter born on 3/18 “was” Jaundice and the levels “were” going higher. Earlier this evening my daughter and I prayed and took authority telling satan to get his nasty hands off of this baby. We prayed believing that by Jesus’ stripes she is healed.  Then in your post you said “We speak life to the immune system, and ask You to destroy supernaturally all toxins in livers that are over burdened in Jesus name” I knew that this prayer was for my granddaughter and a confirmation that Jesus has heard our request. Her name is Gabrielle Please pray for her.  We are expecting her to come home with her mother no later than Sunday 3/22. Testimony to follow!!  :-) Thank you again.