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A Prayer for President Trump — 7 Comments

  1. I love to say this prayer for President Trump.  It is so thorough and beautiful.  He was truly chosen by God to lead our nation. How can I get an extra copy or save this to my Faebook collection?

    • Dear Darlene,

      In the “Please Share this Article” over, you can use the green colored “Print Friendly” button (3rd from left) to save the contents to a PDF file and email it.

      Thanks for using HKP!


  2. Such a perfect prayer for our Nation and President Trump. He needs more prayers now more than ever.
    May God send St. Michael and His legion of angels to protect Mr. Trump, his family, and all who fight for the goodness of the United States. Let your loyal servants, Oh Powerful Lord, rise up against the evil in our blessed Nation so that the entire world will turn to You and see that You are the Mighty One, the Holy One, and the King of Kings. In the name of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen.

  3. WE must continue to pray for God’s perfect will in all of our lives – including President Trump
    God’s protection over our President and his family. President Trumps SALVATION
    CHRIST JESUS chose President Trump to be our president – Lord willing he will do so in 2020
    Deliverance from all evil for Our Government

  4. Lovely Prayer for our chosen leader Yolanda. I and my team (all of us) shall pray it daily.It shall come to Pass.
    It is so well written, Powerful and effective God bless,

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