A Prayer of Protection


Set a watch, O LORD, before my mouth; keep the door of my lips.

Let me be quick to listen and slow to speak.  If I do speak, let me speak only Your Words, in Jesus’ name!

Forgive my immaturity and ignorance and let it not negatively affect my present or future.

I pull down every negative pronouncement uttered over my life and declare them null and void in Jesus’ name!

By the blood of Jesus Christ let every diabolical handwriting be blotted out and be superimposed with the Word and promises of Yah over me….

Sometimes we speak from our emotions and cast spells over ourselves and come in agreement with the enemy.  But today in the mighty name of Jesus, I cancel every word I spoke over myself, my children, my family, my loved one, my affairs.

Father, let them be rooted out and not germinate in the realm of the Spirit.

I send forth Holy germicide to destroy every negative utterance that has planted a seed in the realm of the Spirit and Holy gramoxone to destroy them.

Father forgive my mistakes and foolishness, I repent of them!

I choose this day to speak life as I partner with you in the fulfillment of my purpose and destiny in Jesus’ name.

Wherever, my name is being mentioned in incantations, hexes, spells, and curses, bad mind and jealous word releases, I send them back to the evil one and command their verbal, violent dealings be overturned even 100-fold in Jesus’ Christ name.

Father, break out the teeth of the ungodly calling up my name for evil.  Let their tongues cleave to the roof of their lips.

I decree and declare that my name is written in the atmosphere and people and nations submit to the anointing on my name and life.  As I flow with prophetic grace I declare that demons hear and submit as I am seated in Heavenly places with Christ, far above them in Jesus’ name.

My name is associated with only good things, favor, honor, respect, goodness, grace and mercy.

Glory to God!


~ Syreeta Thomas

Syreeta ThomasSyreeta Thomas



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  1. Halelulujah!!! Praise God for Jesus! THis prayer is full of power and is just what I needed as I have become aware of people speaking against my life. THank you daughter of God for being the instrument through which this prayer was birthed. I will save and refer back to this in the future, I already know.

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