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A Prayer to Unlock Finances — 16 Comments

  1. Thank you Laura for this prayer. My eyes are now open. I’ve gained so much insight from this. My God bless you and increase your territory of influence

  2. God bless you for this prayer it says alot that i want to say but i didnt know how to put it into words may God bless you Abundantly

  3. Amazing article. Looks like it’s based on Forgiveness. Forgiveness for the inappropriate use of money and sins that we’ve committed knowing or unknowing. Standing on God’s Promises. Total submission and surrender and giving God the glory. We need to take our authority over satan. Believe and trust in God to bless us.

  4. A really great prayer which I have used twice now. Praise God and thank you Jesus.
    Fr Philip Barrett

  5. Amen and Amen!!! Thank you Lord for your mercy on me and family and the blood of my that speaks for us, financial blessings, double portion , abundance and breakthroughs, divine debts cancellations, uncommon financial favour and wisdom, and helpers of destiny.  Glory be to God!

  6. Laura,
    I so appreciate this. I have been struggling over 10 years with finances since I’ve been a Christian & have pretty much lost everything I had including my spouse & home. Oct 19th 2017 God blessed me with a great job on Coronado Island in California. Unusual hours but nonetheless I’m grateful. I was saving to move as I was in Riverside county at the time when every single dime was stolen out of my account which Im still not recovered from. I’m not giving up but because I was off work so long, everyone wants money from me but I need time to get on my feet financially. Im a responsible person & do plan to pay creditors back but I also need time. Thank God I now live in San Marcos, California so I drive to work. My room mate is a Christian thank God. We both are seeking the Lord for a great church home that recognizes the true nature of the spiritual battle that we are living in these last days. Praise God I’ve been able to overcome other battles, especially the one that almost took my life. God still has me here for a reason. It’s interesting how the battle has shifted financially for me. I have so many visions, plans, dreams & goals to fulfill. God has supplied & will continue to do so. I will not give up the fight! Please continue to do what you’re doing & impacting people’s lives. Please pray God leads us to a true bible believing Holy Spirit filled church in the area. I know God is redirecting me. I really dont belong in corporate America. The assignment God has given me for now is to pray over the Coronado Bridge & the hospital (which is where I work). Amazing how God uses us in the midst of the twists & turns in life if we allow Him to use us. May the power & anointing of God continue to rest on you Laura. I’ll start reading your blog & praying through this powerful & convicting prayer.

  7. Amen!! Hallelujah Jesus!! Thank you for your using your beautiful gift and sharing the word of our Lord with us. ✨♥️

  8. I bless God for this prayer!I love how humility was mentioned before praying this prayer.  I live calling God “you honor” for He is surely a righteous and gracious and merciful judge!  Hallalujah Amen!

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