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  1. WOW! Powerful amazing word! That word is for the remnant, the 144.000 who have been through the greatest sufferings and will now be lifted up and begin their work here on earth, they will do greater things than Jesus did.
    Thank you for shring this word!
    Thank you Jesus, I praise you, please come and rescue me, finally!

  2. Yes, the golden liquid could have represented honey or olive oil. Yesterday, I posted an article on giant hornets on my facebook. Sadhu selveraj saw giant hornets in the spirit. Japanese giant hornets destroy bees so there will be no sweetness (or blessing) in the land. However, Japanese bees, not European bees, have a method to kill giant hornets. About 300 bees swarm over a hornet and the temperature rises. These bees can tolerate 117degF, but these hornets cannot tolerate more than 115degF. How did the bees know how to do that?


    • I saw an article about the bees & hornets.  It said the bees have adapted over time and learned to swarm the hornets as a defense.

      I saw another article telling about using preying mantis to kill the killer hornets. The mantis eats them, holding back their stinger and eating them bite by bite, head first.

      But you are correct in the prophetic message of the hornets trying to kill the bees to deny of of Gods sweetness.

      God bless you, Peter!  BLESSINGS! Bev

      • The bees are highly productive and the honey sticks to you. They let the other bees know where the source is – so that the hive benefits – so that the ‘Kingdom’ benefits.

  3. “Holy Spirit I can feel Your Presence
    Holy Spirit, won’t You come here today?
    Holy Spirit, WE NEED YOU BADLY
    Holy Spirit, Come and fill us today
    Fill us full of Your Presence, full of Your Love
    Fill us to overflowing.  Fill us from Above
    LORD, we want Your heart in us, fill us up to overflowing.  We want only you MORE”

    What a song from Heaven speaking our heart at this time!

    With one accord we pray:
    LORD, come NOW! Let Your Power, Your Glory, and Your Reign fall on the earth as never before.

    Help us to BE PREPARED. Help us to BE READY. 

    Please HELP us to be ready and waiting, not wanting.

    We ask for GREAT Power and GREAT Grace according to Acts 4:33.

    Let GREAT Grace be upon us all.

    THANK You, LORD!

    AMEN and AMEN!



    Dear Bev

    What a timely and GLORIOUS Word!

    May The LORD BLESS you exceedingly abundantly above all you ask or think.

    AMEN and AMEN!


    • Thank you for your kind response. God is so AMAZING!!! IM SO GLAD HE’S ON OUR SIDE!!!  We cant do this without Him.

      I’m in total agreement with your prayer!

      God Bless you, Jacob!  Blessings to you and yours!  May God grant you great favor and clarity in the days ahead.  May He send you Warrior Angel’s to overcome the battles before you!  In Jesus name, Let it be so, Amen.

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