A Reality Check for For Ministers Who are Doing Fine…


This is a revelation from Pastor John Mulinde founder of World Trumpet Missions  had a powerful encounter with Jesus and shared about it at the International House of Prayer, in Kansas City Missouri, on March 1st 2011.

The Rev. Dr. John W Mulinde is the Founder and General Overseer of World Trumpet Mission, and Chairman of the ministry’s International Board of Directors.

World Trumpet Mission, an international ministry that promotes transforming revival globally, has been a part of the work of transformation that God has brought about in the nation of Uganda and in nations all over the world.

John has been called by the Lord to “Blow the Trumpet” in the nations, calling the church to repentance and preparing the Body of Christ for the day of the Lord’s return.

He has been travelling the past few decades, sharing this message throughout the world.  John and his wife Sheila have nine children and live in Kampala, Uganda.

This video is worth viewing if:

you are a Minister or Christian who is doing fine….

you reckon you are saved and have no worries about your salvation…..

you sin occasionally, but only minor sins….

you ever sin.



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